Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden, located on the eastern side of the country. It stretches over 12 different islands and is surrounded by a vast archipelago that has over thirty thousand islands.

Stockholm has beautiful streets, plenty of green spaces, colorful buildings and waters ways, which makes it impossible not to enjoy the wonderful city. It is a blend of both modernism and European rich culture that can be experienced all in one.

Stockholm has been recognized as one of the cleanest and greenest cities in the world, which makes strolling along the beautiful streets a great adventure by itself. If you are visiting Stockholm, below are different things that you can do all within your one day 24 hours.

Things to Do in Stockholm in 24 Hours
Things to Do in Stockholm in 24 Hours

If you don’t have a fixed time just yet, but you’re planning visiting this beautiful city, you should check out my other article to find out what is the best time to visit Stockholm.

But before you start your one-day trip into the city, there are a few important things that you should know:

What Language Can You Speak in Stockholm?

The official language in Sweden is the Swedish language. However most of Swedish people speak English very well. So

Language facilitates communication, without proper communication you may end up frustrated and stressed. Stockholm is an English and Swedish speaking nation. However, some places only use Swedish language only, therefore, it is important to carry a google translator with you.

You can also download an offline Swedish dictionary to help you translate signs or menus. Learn some basic Swedish language too, to make your trip more exciting.

How Much Should You Tip at Restaurants in Stockholm?

Stockholm is full of small cafes, restaurants and places where you can have a breakfast, lunch or just take a small coffee break.

In most restaurants, tipping charges are not included in the bill, so if you want, you can offer a 10 to 15% tip. It is not necessary, but if you liked the place, certainly you can reward their kindness and effort to serve you.

Beware, that there are some tourist traps too, where you will have to pay a ridiculous price for a meal. So be careful when choosing a place to eat.

What Currency can You Use in Stockholm?

Although Sweden is a European Union member, they do not use the common Euro currency. Sweden has their own currency known as Krona. Remember to change your money before going out since some shops will only accept the Swedish Krona.

However, Stockholm is a cashless city, most places will accept cards with a few preferring payments by card only. Remember to carry your cards.

How to Get Around in Stockholm?

While in Stockholm, expect to travel the city by walking, subway, ferry, bus or Uber. There are several ways you can get into the city, through train or through flying into the city. There are many airports serving the city and a train station in the city. You can easily buy tickets from the railway station or at the airports for further travelling.

Where to Get Accommodation in Stockholm?

To make it easier for you to tour the city, it is advisable to stay near the city center. There are many hotels and Airbnb in the city.

5 Ways to Spend 24 Hours in Stockholm

Now below are ways on how to spend your day in Stockholm.

City Hall

Immediately after breakfast, start your day at the City Hall. City Hall is an important municipal building that was completed in year 1923. City Hall hosts the annual Nobel Prize banquet and many wedding ceremonies each day.

You can learn the fascinating history of the city as you tour its rooms that are made of gold. City Hall is only open for touring within specific times. You must be accompanied by a tour guide with each tour lasting approximately 50 minutes. The charges are for touring City Hall range from 90 to 110 KES depending on the time of the year.

You can get the specific charges and updated tour hours from the City Hall’s website. The best part about the tour is climbing the tower and viewing Stockholm from the top.

Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan, commonly known as the old town,  is the best place to get lost in just before you break for lunch. After a tour of the city hall, you can enjoy taking a stroll in the oldest part of Stockholm city. It has cafes, shops and bars along the beautiful narrow streets, where you can take plenty of pictures.

The shops in Gamla Stan have everything you may need. They are great places to get souvenir and presents for your friends back at home. Other notable places to visit while in Gamla Stan include House of Nobility, the Nobel Museum, the Great Church and the German Church.

The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is located on the northern corner of Gamla Stan. It is not very far away from the City Hall also. This is the official dwelling of the Swedish royal family.

Although it is not possible to tour the whole palace in a one-day visit, you can pass to experience some historic guard ceremony at 12 pm each day during summer, and Wednesday, Saturdays and Sundays during other seasons. Armoury Livrustkammaren is also worth a quick visit while at the palace, especially for people who are interested on medieval history.

The Vasa Museum

The Vasa was a powerful and among the largest warship developed in the 1600’s. On its voyage a few meters from the shore, the ship took in too much water that it sank. It is fascinating that years later, in 1956 it was discovered and salvaged.

You can spend your afternoon in Stockholm as you see the Vasa warship in a museum. You can take the tour in the Vasa Museum within a few hours, however, if you would like to delve more into the history of the ship, it can take longer. To get to the Vasa Museum, you get to enjoy a ride through the open waters in Stockholm. Visit the Vasa Museum website to know the exact time when they are open.

Party in a Club

If you’ve visited the best places in Stockholm and still have time left, and perhaps you are not tired enough, you can go to a club. There are many clubs in Stockholm, I’ve wrote about the best 5 clubs in the linked article.

Most clubs in Stockholm are open until 3 AM, however there are few that will allow you to stay until 5 AM. Please, not that although the legal drinking age in Stockholm is 18 years old, many clubs don’t allow access for people who are younger than 25 years.

So before visiting any club in Stockholm, check what are the rules of entering.

Wrapping Up

There are many more places that you can visit while in Stockholm within a day. Means of transport are easily accessible, therefore, moving from one place to another is easy and fast. There are also many joints to grab your lunch or snacks so that you are energized throughout the trip.

At the end of a long day, you can finish your tour by visiting the Skinnarviksberget. Skinnarviksberget is a central and highest natural raised spot in Stockholm. It overlooks the city, giving you a wonderful view of the entire Stockholm. You can relax at Skinnarviksberget while capturing beautiful views of the city as you watch the sunset.

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