Are you an ABBA fun? Whether one or not, you ought to visit the Stockholm ABBA Museum. It tells the stories of Sweden’s most popular pop band ever.

No wonder it’s one of the most expensive sights to view in Stockholm. But just like the band’s music, it’s quite easy to enjoy and undemanding.

Located on the Djurgården island, a short tram or bus ride, or a brisk walk from the city centre, the ABBA museum sits between the Liljevalchs art venue and the Gröna Lund amusement park.

In fact, it’s a five-minute walk from the famous Vasa and Skansen Open-air museums.

Stockholm ABBA Museum
Stockholm ABBA Museum (source)

So what is it about the ABBA museum that makes it so attractive? Read on to find out.

Unique and Special Place to Visit

The ABBA museum goes out of its way to showcase the band’s stage artefacts, clothes, interviews, concert footage, etc. in an interactive, contemporary setting. Once you buy your ticket, the system automatically generates an ID that’s linked to a user page on the museum’s website. When you get to the museum, the ID allows you to dance and sing with ABBA holograms.

You can even use it to don one of the popular ABBA digital costumes. These costumes get projected onto you via a special booth. You can record the effect by scanning your ticket at the nearest attraction. If you get to this point, ensure to choose the Agnetha ‘cat’ or the Anni-Frid ‘tiger’ for a timeless look.

The videos and images you record get uploaded to your ABBA Museum website page. You can then share them with friends and family on social media. After thirty days, the recorded get systematically deleted from the site.

Why You Must Visit the ABBA Museum?

Visit the ABBA Museum
Visit the ABBA Museum (source)

Have you been struggling to understand the ABBA phenomenon better? Maybe you’ve seen your friends talk animatedly about the pop group, and you just didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. Luckily, you now have a chance to experience the ABBA story first-hand.

The ABBA Museum puts ABBA’s musical influences and achievements in a historical context. What’s more, it enjoys the full backing of each member of the band. In fact, most of its materials come from the band’s private collections.

So, if you’re old enough to recall platform-soled boots, glam rock, or even the live performance by ABBA as they sang Waterloo on their way to winning the Eurovision Song Contest, visit the ABBA museum for a worthwhile trip down their musical memory lane.

You can also come and get insights on how ABBA and its entourage operated at the height of the group’s musical and creative powers. Other than that, the ABBA museum houses several special displays worth your time. They include:

  • The Poler Studio – This is where many ABBA songs were originally produced.
  • A Viggsö summerhouse copy – Many ABBA songs got written here.
  • A copy of their pre-concert dressing room – This is where ABBA spent most of their last moments before going out to mesmerize the world.
  • Benny’s Piano – This piano is unique in that it’s linked to one of the musician’s pianos at home. As such, it may play at any moment.
  • Gold records – Considering that ABBA has sold over 379 million records worldwide, the museum so many golds as well as platinum records on display. Not to mention numerous record covers and other memorabilia.
  • Original state costumes and personal items – These are artefacts sourced from the private collections of ABBA group members.
  • An under-floor lit dance club – Where visitors can get moving.
  • A helicopter – Looks like the one on the Arrival cover and is great for taking photos.
  • Life-size statues of the group’s members – Perfect for selfies

Last, but not least, you’ll have a chance to get crowned the fifth ABBA member by auditioning on stage. Also, you can record ABBA songs (karaoke style) and download it using your entry ID number. And while the museum that big, there are enough activities to keep you occupied for one or two hours. Dedicated fans may require more time.

Visitors Information

The museum opens daily, but its opening hours vary depending on local holidays and the season. During high season, which runs from June to August, the museum at 09:00 to 19:00 (daily), with the last admissions done at 17:30.

For the rest of the year, the museum opens at 10:00 and closes at 18:00. Nonetheless, they do open earlier during holidays. Christmas Eve is the only day the ABBA museum doesn’t open its doors.

How to Get Tickets for the ABBA Museum?

As mentioned earlier, tickets to the ABBA Museum don’t come cheap. So expect to spend a little more than what you would pay in other museums. Mind you, admissions are only by slot (time) tickets.

This goes a long way to keep the museum relatively crown-free, guaranteeing visitors a fair chance to experience all the interactive items. Tickets for adults go for SEK250, while those for children (age 7 to 15) sell at SEK95.  Family (two adults, four children) tickets are available for SEK595, but only at the museum’s grounds or through telephone reservations.

Unfortunately, the ABBA museum doesn’t accept the Stockholm pass. You can get tickets only through its reselling partners like Tiqets, Swedish Railways, or Get Your Guide. Take note that all the museum’s shops and facilities only accept card payment and not cash.

Getting to the ABBA Museum

Getting to the ABBA Museum
Getting to the ABBA Museum

New to Stockholm? Don’t worry. Getting to the ABBA museum isn’t tasking. The most convenient means is by public transport as vehicle movement and parking can get heavily restricted on the island. Bus 67 or tram 7 from the city center will take you to Gröna Lund stop or Liljevalchs- a spot that’s close to the museum.

But the most pleasant way to get to the ABBA museum is by ferry. The ferry from Slussen operates all year and will drop you off at Djurgården, an area that’s merely off the island. You can also find hop-on hop-off boat services in Slussen.


Despite its name, the ABBA museum isn’t a museum. Yes, it doesn’t conduct research, has no collections, and is for profit. Even so, it’s the only Swedish interactive exhibition focusing entirely on the pop band ABBA. Everything there is simply priceless. Book your ticket now.

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