Whether you’re visiting Stockholm for work or leisure, you want to start all the days of your stay in this beautiful city on a high note. And there is no better way to do that than to have a hearty and healthy breakfast.

Now Stockholm has some of the most ideal restaurants for such meals. Yes, the city’s excellent café culture has so much more to it than merely coffee.

It gets better, the Swedish love to eat healthily, and so they pay great attention to their foods’ freshness.

Best Places to Get Breakfast in Stockholm
Best Places to Get Breakfast in Stockholm

With that said, here are some of the best breakfast spots in Stockholm:

1. STHLM Brunch Club

STHLM Brunch Club is arguably the finest brunch restaurant in Stockholm, considering that their queue can be as long as 1 hour. Still, it’s worth the wait.

Located in Vasastan, approximately 0.8 miles from Stockholm City Hall, STHLM Brunch Club offers the best of European, British and Café cuisines. They even have special diets such as gluten-free options, vegan options as well as vegetarian-friendly meals.

One of their most popular dishes is pancakes. They are not only the fluffiest in Stockholm but also the most Instagram-friendly. What’s more, the STHLM Brunch Club serves organic coffee, freshly squeezed juices, smashed avocado dishes, bacon, and so much more.

The only downside to this breakfast spot is the queues. To avoid them, get there before they open or in the evening. All in all, STLHM Breakfast Club is the place to be if you desire to start your day in a nice laid-back way.

Website: https://www.sthlmbrunchclub.se/


2. Greasy Spoon

Just as the name suggests, Greasy Spoon is one of Stockholm’s most ideal places for greasy, plentiful, and fantastically healthy breakfast meals.

It’s located in Sodermalm Borough, merely 0.7 miles from Stockholm Old Town. Greasy Spoon serves everything from Cinnamon roll pancakes to smashed avocado, poached eggs, and full English breakfast. They also serve gluten-free, vegetarian-friendly and vegan options.

Mind you, many people consider Greasy Spoon’s pancakes to be the best they’ve ever eaten. The best part is that this breakfast spot is affordable, wheelchair accessible and they’ve got a beautiful outdoor seating area. Also available are highchairs, free wifi, wine, beer, as well as other kinds of alcohol.

Bottom line? Greasy Spoon is one heavenly spot for British, American, European and Café cuisines.

Website: https://www.greasyspoon.se/


3. Café Schweizer

Popularly (locally) known as Schweizerkonditoriet, Café Schweizer is a breakfast restaurant that has been operational since 1920. As such, this café offers a service built around traditions they’ve followed for years. Located in one of the small alleys of Gamla Stan’s rarely-tourist-free streets, Café Schweizer offers an admirable but narrow brunch and breakfast menu.

This is in addition to pastries, tea, and coffee. If anything, this café serves Swedish classics that feature simple flavours and fresh ingredients. One of their breakfast dishes is Dagens Soppa or Soup of the Day.

Café Schweizer makes this rich and delicious soup every day. But the taste never stays the same because its cooking depends on seasonal ingredients and the Chef’s mood. But the most famous dish at Café Schweizer is their lemon cake.

Also, Café Schweizer’s management is unique in that it gives customers an opportunity to scrawl marks on the walls. If you visit, ensure to write down your name among those many celebrities, icons and patrons.

Website: https://schweizer.se/


4. 6 Nytorget

6 Nytorget is the kind of café where you could come in for an apple compote and a bowl of porridge at 8 am and still find yourself there at 11 pm eating raraka (crispy grated potato pancake with red onion, sour cream, and break roe).

The warm, intimate dining room combined with well-executed classic Swedish dishes simply confirms that the guys behind this restaurant got the formula right. Yes, this hip café bar comes with modern artwork, banquette seating, as well as live jazz acts.

Other than Swedish dishes, this restaurant also offerS Scandinavian and European cuisines at pocket-friendly rates. This is in addition to gluten free, vegetarian and vegan-friendly meals. 6 Nytorget’s location is in SoFo, Sodermaml. From Stockholm Old Town, you can get there by bus, taxi, or walking.

Website: https://nytorget6.se/


5. Cykelcafe Le Mond

Cykelcafe Le Mond is another excellent spot for breakfast situated in the trendy and vibrant Sodermalm area. This funky, cute little café is as cosy as they come. Mind you, the Cykelcafe Le Mond menu consists of dishes from all over the world.

This includes dishes like American Pancakes, Belgium Waffles, Korean and Thai dishes, Kenyan/ Ethiopian coffee, as well as Australian smashed avocado. This café serves breakfast, brunch, lunch, and even a la carte. What’s more, the guys at Cykelcafe Le Mond do Swedish Fika using bans from BAK and home-made treats.

To say that this café offers great value for money is an understatement.

Website: https://cykelcafe.se/


What to Eat for Breakfast in Stockholm?

What to Eat for Breakfast in Stockholm?
What to Eat for Breakfast in Stockholm?

Whether a wholesome breakfast like full English or simply coffee and a croissant, Stockholm offer a myriad of options. One of the most satisfying brunch plates is Bagel Avo & Salmon. It consists of toasted sesame bagel with smoked salmon, cream cheese, pickled onion, and smashed avo. You can find this dish at STHLM Brunch Club.

Another ideal option is the Mega Breakfast Bowl at Cykelcafe Le Mond. It consists of mango, organic yoghurt, kiwi, granola, chia, melon, coconut, and crushed pistachios. Generally, you can enjoy all kinds of dishes in Stockholm.

You should, thus not limit yourself to a few options.

What do the Swedish Eat for Breakfast?

What do the Swedish Eat for Breakfast?
What do the Swedish Eat for Breakfast?

Traditionally, the Swedish breakfast centres on smörgås. This is basically an open-faced sandwich consisting of bread, a slice of cheese, and margarine or butter. You can spice up your smörgås with toppings such as tomat (tomato), Gurka (cucumber), and cold cuts like skinka (ham) and nötkött (beef).

Unlike what many people believe, Swedish breakfasts don’t feature pancakes. And other than smörgås, many Swedes love Muesli- a blend of grains, flakes, and dried fruits (sometimes) usually served with filmjölk (sour yoghurt).

Another breakfast item that can’t miss on a Swedish breakfast menu is strong kaffee (coffee).

Can You Eat Breakfast at Ikea in Stockholm?

Yes, you can. Ikea is one of the cheapest restaurants around Kungs Kurva. The spot is ideal for Swedish and Scandinavian breakfasts and lunch cuisines. They also have vegetarian friendly as well as vegan dishes.


While eating out in Sweden can be downright expensive, the restaurants mentioned above offer some of the best prices.

This is in addition to excellent services and sumptuous meals. So the next time you’re in Stockholm, ensure to try any of them. Trust, you won’t regret it.

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