Sweden is among the top destinations in the world. Numerous visitors flock the country at different times of the year to enjoy a wide variety of things Stockholm has to offer.

One of the things that attract tourists is the rich culture embedded in buildings and museums. Sweden has a rich history exhibited through the old buildings that have been preserved until today. The food, the archipelago, the Stockholm coast are also great tourist attractions.

In as much as the city of Stockholm as well Sweden as a whole country is beautiful, tourists usually find it hard to decide the best time to go there.

Best Time to Visit Stockholm
Best Time to Visit Stockholm

Well, here we will make it clear for you on when is the best time to visit Stockholm or Sweden, depending on your interests, places you would like to visit, and climate you would want to experience while you are there.

But first let’s take a look to the weather forecast in Stockholm:

Weather in Stockholm – All Year Around

Month °C (high/low) °F (high/low) Rain *
January 1 / -3 33 / 26 9 days
February 1 / -3 34 / 27 6 days
March 5 / -1 40 / 30 6 days
April 11 / 3 51 / 37 6 days
May 17 / 7 62 / 45 6 days
June 21 / 12 69 / 53 7 days
July 24 / 15 75 / 59 8 days
August 22 / 14 72 / 57 8 days
September 17 / 10 63 / 51 8 days
October 10 / 6 50 / 42 8 days
November 6 / 2 42 / 36 10 days
December 2 / -1 36 / 30 10 days

*Number of Rainy Days | Source: NOAA

Stockholm in Spring: March – May

Stockholm in Spring
Stockholm in Spring

From March to May, it is springtime in Sweden. During this time, bars and restaurants open up their terraces and set out tables on the balconies to provide more room for visitors to dine. Locals tend to be livelier than what you will find if you visit the same place during the winter.

You may not get a lot of warmth in the streets of Sweden during this time, as temperatures in March range between 20 and 30 degrees F. In April, the temperatures go a bit higher, and in May, that is when you will get the most warmth as temperatures rise to about 60 degrees F.

During spring you may find some items and facilities quite cheap; in fact, it may be less expensive than going for the same experiences in summer. The low prices apply to various things except for airplane tickets and hotel rates.

Urban Connection Festival

If you love going out, socializing, and dancing, well visiting Sweden during this time of the year is one of the best decisions you can make. During this time, you will get a chance to attend the Urban Connection Festival.

The festival that is normally held in May allows attendees to see a wide range of exhibitions, workshops, and seminars. While at the festival, people usually get a chance to enjoy a wide range of films. That is not all; some concerts also take place within the area. In essence, you have multiple options, and the choice is all yours.

Stockholm in Summer: June – August

Stockholm in Summer
Stockholm in Summer

June is when the summer season sets in Sweden, and this is typically the peak season in the country. The country tends to be flooded with tourists from all parts of the world, ready to experience the unique culture and enjoy all that comes with visiting the country.

One of the reasons why the visitors flock Sweden during summer is the fantastic climate that occurs during the season. In summer, people can bask in the 60 or 70-degree F sun as they sip on some cold drink under a shade on the beach or whatever place they like.

Furthermore, during this season, sunlight usually lasts longer as the sun tends to rise at around 3:40 a.m., which is not a common phenomenon and sets at 10 p.m.

Midsummer Festival

Midsummer is one of the most important holidays in the Swedish calendar as lots of people usually wait for that period as they can celebrate and have a good time. It is also regarded as the quintessential summer celebration.

The festival involves putting flowers in your hair and dancing around poles as you sing melodies that touch a part of your soul; nothing else can. Food is also a vital part of the celebration.

You may find many people sharing loaves of bread served with delightful potatoes. Sour cream and chives are also part of the delicacies that the tourists and Swedish people enjoy during this time.

Stockholm in Autumn: September – November

Stockholm in Autumn
Stockholm in Autumn

After the peak season is over, you may find people leaving the country during this season and the crowds reducing significantly. One of the reasons is because of the low temperatures as temperatures tend to drop fast during this session.

For instance, the highest temperatures will barely scratch 59 degrees F, and that is in early September. Come late November, the temperature at night may fall to around 35 degrees F.

One of the great things about this period (autumn) is that the travel rates are cheaper as compared to the summer season.

Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival

If you love having sipping your glass of beer or whiskey while having a good time on holiday, then you should try as much as possible to visit Sweden at this time, especially Stockholm.

While you are there, try to attend the Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival.

The three-day event usually showcases a wide variety of things ranging from food to beverages, wine, spirits, beer, and whiskey.

People also take part in cooking competitions to showcase one’s mastery of matters relating to the kitchen.

Stockholm in Winter: December – February

Stockholm in Winter
Stockholm in Winter

Taking a trip to Sweden during this time is like stepping into a blanket of Christmas cards as December is when the winter season starts.

You will be ushered into the country with a sheet of snow, real fir trees that have magical lights that keep on twinkling, and the smell of red wine.

If that is your thing, then you are in for a treat. The challenging part is that the temperatures are very low during this time, meaning it is freezing.

For some people, this may hinder them from going out and taking part in activities. The best thing about it all is that the travel costs and hotel rates are meager.


Sweden is a great place to visit and experience various things the nation has to offer. If you are having trouble deciding when exactly to make a trip down there well, you should take into account what exactly you want to experience there.

For instance, if you want to sit on the beach, relax and sip mimosas as you enjoy the shining sun, then going during December is a terrible idea.

You can consider visiting Sweden between June and August since that is when the temperatures are high as it is summertime.

If you wish you attend dance and music festivals well, consider taking a trip to Sweden between March and May.

You will get a chance to visit the Urban Connection Festival. During the festival, you will enjoy a great ambiance, fantastic music, exceptional food and even meet new people.

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