Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, and it is considered as the shopping center of the North. There are a lot of tourists’ attraction sites in Stockholm, as well as beautiful places set on hundreds of islands in a lagoon.

Most of the places, especially the old town, also known as Gamla Stan, have beautiful architecture details that are fascinating and interesting. Stockholm also has a great street life.

You can enjoy strolling through the city, basking in the many parks situated in different parts, or playing giant chess on the pavements as you wait for the night time to party and dance

People in Stockholm are also very friendly people and they love night life. If you are visiting this wonderful city, you will need to know the best places and clubs that you can visit after the sun sets.

Best Clubs in Stockholm 
Best Clubs in Stockholm

Most clubs in Stockholm are open until 3:00 in the morning, but there are some clubs that will allow you to stay till dawn, at 5:00 am. When looking out for clubs to visit, there are preferences you will definitely consider to ensure you pick a club that suits your taste and style.

Below are 5 best clubs that you should visit when in Stockholm.

1. Sturecompagniet

Sturecompagniet is among one of the classiest, oldest and most legendary night clubs that you should visit while in Stockholm. If you would want to rub shoulders with beautiful people of the Östermalm then be sure to visit Sturecompagniet.

The club is designed with fine décor and high ceilings, and it is divided into four different spaces that surround a gorgeous light court. The four different spaces are spread across two floors, therefore there is enough space to hang out with your friends or dance the night away.

This club offers multiple events including RnB club 309 and Suite, just to mention a few. Although it is a little bit hard to get into the Sturecompagniet, because of their strict door policy, once you are inside the environment is relaxed and comfortable.

At Sturecompagniet you will get to enjoy different activities until early morning hours.

Address: Sturegatan 4, 114 35 Stockholm, Sweden

2. Trädgården

Trädgården is a popular club located under Skanstull bridge in Södermalm, Stockholm. One interesting thing about Trädgården, it is an outdoor night club that is only open during the summer season.

If you are in Stockholm during the summer, and you are yearning for the festive feeling, then you should definitely go to Trädgården. At Trädgården, life is easy, you enjoy your beer from a plastic cup served from the many bars in the club, listen to live shows and music, dance all night long, play table tennis and pétanque, amidst a group of other sweaty and fun people.

On the other hand, make sure you arrive early at Skanstulll bridge, to avoid the long queue as everyone else is trying to get in.

Address: Hammarby Slussväg 2, 118 60 Stockholm, Sweden

3. Solidaritet Nightclub

Do you love the festive feeling and vibe that comes with summer? Do you get sad when the summer season is over and no more outdoor partying? Then worry not because Solidarity got your back.

Solidarity is one of the most popular close down club spots located Östermalm in Stockholm. The club is designed with high ceilings, heat lambs and a generous amount of space to ensure you feel the summertime ambiance all year round.

It has three bars where guests can mingle and chat after a long session of dancing on the two big dance floors. The party mood is enhanced at Solidarity with music that is pumped out through large and well equipped speakers.

There are different events and live music performances lined up every week to ensure visitors enjoy their time as they dance and enjoy their drinks throughout the night, until 5:00 am. During the summer season, people can enjoy the exclusive out-of-doors courtyard. As with any popular clubs, arrive early to avoid the frustrating long queues.

Address: Lästmakargatan 3, 111 44 Stockholm, Sweden

4. Spy Bar

Spy Bar is located in Stureplan in Stockholm. It is also among the most famous night clubs that you should visit while in Stockholm, to dance and have a night time of your life till morning, 5:00 am.

If you love the idea of rubbing shoulders with famous people in media, music and fashion industry then Spy Bar is your club spot. The famous Spy Bar building was formerly an apartment.

It was later redesigned into a club, with three huge and stylishly decorated hall like rooms. It also has an adequate dance floor and bars where you can order cocktails, wine, champagne and snacks.

Spy Bar also has elegant sofas and sitting areas that makes the atmosphere feel personal and create a remarkable party experience.  Since it is a famous club that is loved by many, you should get to the venue earlier, not only to avoid the long queues, but also to gain access into the club.

Address: Birger Jarlsgatan 20, 114 34 Stockholm, Sweden

5. Marquise Club

If you love to party on weekends only, then Stockholm still got you. Marquise Club is a famous and among the largest clubs in Stockholm. It is located a few steps away from Sergels Torg and is open every Friday and Saturday till 5:00 am.

Marquise Club has two large dance floors that are fitted with gigantic lights to allow people to dance and have fun at it. The club also hosts some of the most famous DJs in town, that play your favourite upbeat mixes all night, till dawn. Marquise Club attracts a younger crowd, therefore it is lively and full of energy.

Address: Sveavägen 9, 111 57 Stockholm, Sweden

Wrapping Up

Stockholm is a city that loves night life and partying. It is a city of beautiful people and happy hipsters and rockers.

Stockholm has many night clubs that open and close at different times of the day and night, seasons and days of the week.

They offer a wide selection of activities, styles, fashion, drinks, events, music selection and many other preferences.

Therefore, the city does definitely offer a selection of clubs to suit every taste.

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