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It’s Spring, and what a great time to visit the Dallas Arboretum. The Spring flowers are blooming and the weather is beautiful. But wait, there is More! The Dallas Arboretum now has a fabulous sculpture exhibit, titled Zimsculpt! Now through July 31, the Zimsculpt exhibit will be displaying modern Zimbabwean art, known as Shona sculpture, throughout the park. 101 sculptures to be exact. These beautiful pieces of art are carved from semi-precious stone and several varieties of serpentine by artists in Zimbabwe. It’s an adventure to explore and discover each unique piece in the various places around the Arboretum. It’s a combination of an art exhibit with the beauty of nature around you.



To better enjoy this art, I spoke with two of the Zimbabwean artists, Aron Kapembeza and Passmore Mupindiko. Aron, shared his inspiration for his sculpture titled, “Out Walking”. This piece is a Zimbabwean woman carrying a baby on her back. Aron shares with me that the women in Zimbabwe walk long distances, with baby in tow, to retrieve water, as well as tend to the chores around the home. They work hard, yet maintain a positive, happy attitude. Aron has had several women in his life demonstrate this quality. He wants others to see the reflection of the strong, beautiful women in Zimbabwe. Passmore, is a very quiet, reserved artist. We slipped off to talk about one of his sculptures, “Guineafowl ii”. Passmore likes to be alone observing nature for his inspiration. There is a Zen quality to Passmore and his art. What he doesn’t say with words, he demonstrates through his creation. These are just two of the many talented artists representing the many sculptures on display at the Dallas Arboretum.
IMG_3986 (2)IMG_3983As you explore the Arboretum and enjoy the art, you might decide you would like to take something home. There is a tented market where you can purchase any of the sculptures that are displayed throughout the Arboretum, as well as other pieces not on display in the park, and even hand woven baskets from Zimbabwe. There is a wide range of prices to fit any budget. I purchased a box of gemstone eggs that will be displayed in my home this Spring. The price was right at only $25. So, if you want a taste of Zimbabwe for your home, this is a great opportunity for you. The prices are great.

The ZimSculpt exhibit will be open from April 15 through July 31. There are many daily and weekend activities scheduled during the exhibit. For example, there will be artists on-site sculpting at various times, guided tours, photo exhibits, African inspired music, activities with animals from the Dallas Zoo, and many other fun things to do. To see the full schedule of all activities, visit their website at

This is the perfect time to visit the Arboretum. It’s a great opportunity to learn a little more about Zimbabwe through this beautiful art. Go,explore, and enjoy the union of Zimbabwean art in the most beautiful setting in Dallas…The Arboretum.
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