becky hutchinsReceiving an invitation to one of my favorite BBQ restaurants was special. I was one  of the few invited guests to experience the award winning Hutchins BBQ “Sizzling Texas ‘Cue”menu.

Owner/Pit Master,Tim Hutchins and Co-Owner/Pit Master, Dustin Blackwell shared their James Beard Dinner Menu at the Frisco location and I was beyond thrilled to attend this Texas menu debut. You see, these two Pit Master smokers are going to NYC next month to define hometown BBQ dining.

Electric excitement filled the air at the moment we walked into the Hutchins BBQ restaurant.

The aroma of BBQ sauce was the first sensory julep At the same time, I noticed a table with eight hands working rapidly to mix and serve mason jars filled with traditional Mint Juleps garnished with blueberries and raspberries. There was a dash of powdered sugar on sprigs of fresh mint leaves.  I could already tell this was going to be some night.

Glasses lined the next table featuring wines from the Checkered Past Winery located in downtown Dallas. Tempranillo: plum, berries and a hint of vanilla, which was very smooth, followed by Albarino: a light body “Red Red”.  I knew which one would be my wine choice with my dinner as the Tempranillo smooth berries and plum lingered on my tongue.

A red and white checkered serving piece  with three sausages was placed in my hand . In the middle was a cheese and jalapeño sausage bite.  Lean, cheesy and pepper hot;  it was an absolute perfection of balanced flavors.I wanted more but knowing  a five-course meal was coming up, I had to wave “no”.

texas twinkie“Texas Twinkies” are Hutchins inspired marbled brisket, cream cheese stuffed jalapeño peppers wrapped with a slice of thick-cut bacon and a sweet BBQ glaze. It was crunchy and tender at the same time Why have I never had one of these before?

My next dish was a small round dinner bread filled with pulled pork and a vinegar pork sauce. This had to be the most amazing slider ever. The vinegar pork sauce was perfection. I was almost hesitant to try a “vinegar” sauce but magic hands turned this vinegar into an ambrosia sauce. I think I could have eaten five more; or at least I wanted to.sliders

It was half an hour in and we’ve only gotten through the appetizers.

The wine was flowing generously and we were ushered to our seats. A metal platter covered with thick butcher paper was placed in front of me. On top sat four beautiful slices of a Slow Smoked Prime brisket with the tastiest bark (Texan word for the spicy charred crust.) I was so glad their signature fresh broccoli salad made of bacon, cheddar cheese, purple onion was on the side.

I poured some spicy BBQ sauce on my platter and proceed to eat with gusto. When I’m ¾ done, I remembered telling myself to only “Take a couple of bites of everything” to get through the five-course meal Too late.

I forgot and continued to eat but “Somehow,” I was thinking, “I’ll manage to eat each course.”

Platter number two was slow-smoked St. Louis-style Spareribs  with a side of bacon macaroni cheese covered with a thick creamy, cheesy sauce.The spareribs surely had to be the best in Texas.

My next tray served two, thick, succulent turkey slices and pinto beans with brisket chunks plus a side of jalapeños and bread. The turkey was tender like no turkey I had ever tasted before! Hmmm, perhaps I’ll order turkey this coming Thanksgiving instead of cooking.

Last entree ~ ribs. Delectable ribs.  Fall-off-the-bone kind of ribs that truly melt in one’s mouth.

What bbq could end without a Texas peach cobbler?  Some cobblers  are cakey, others are pie crust. Personally, I favor the pie crust and Hutchins peach cobbler does not disappoint. A light sprinkle of cinnamon and just the right amount of sweetness makes this tops in the  cobbler category.

Sadly my evening was coming to an end but I had sampled some of the best-smoked bbq in Texas. I was a happy girl.

Family owned since 1978, Hutchins BBQ has received accolades such as “50 Best BBQ Joints in Texas” and was awarded “Best BBQ Joint in DFW” by a reader’s poll in 2014.

It’s no wonder Hutchins owners, Tim Hutchins and Dustin Blackwell are leaving for New York next month to cook at the prestigious James Beard House. No doubt, these two Pit Masters reign in the world of smoking meat.

On June 8th, Hutchins will introduce the authentic Texas BBQ to New York City. Get ready NYC ~ Hutchins is coming to town and you know what they say, “Don’t mess with Texas!”

Original  Hutchins restaurant is in McKinney, Texas.

The new restaurant is in Frisco, Texas.

Checkered Past Winery

Located in Southside on Lamar


photos by Becky Chesshir