Someone at the Dallas Summer Musicals must have a special connection with the Weather God.

After a string of days with record warm weather, Dallas was ready for a little snow. It had been summer days for 333 days straight.

But less than 12 hours after opening night White Christmas, Dallas had snow. Isn’t that something!

I think the next time DSM schedules this musical, it should certainly be on dates closer to Christmas.

This is a perfect show to get anyone in the holiday spirit, And a great family show.

The songs are all familiar and now will be in the holiday memory of all the lucky children who were in the audience.

My favorite part was the tap dancing. Perhaps that is because I took tap dancing lessons as a child and always looked forward to the holiday recitals.

The Dallas Summer Musicals subscription is a great gift. Tickets are a one-size-fits-all gift. There are packages in almost any price range. Another idea for theatre-lovers is a gift certificate for the restaurant  in the Dallas Summer Musicals building,