Abuelo's Silver Celebration MargaritaIn honor the 25th anniversary of Abuelos, the restaurant invited a group of food journalists.  Neither my friend  nor I had ever been there. But in an evening that included tastings of 25 dishes,  we vowed to make up for lost time.

After the first tasting of spicy shrimp in a  bed of guacamole, we both agreed we would bring our families back. When asked what was our favorite dish, we could not decide. Some were traditional dishes like enchiladas, others had unique twists taken from the family recipes of the chef.

Thankfully they alerted us that there would be four signature desserts to taste. As the meal progressed, we wondered if we would have room for any dessert. But when they brought out the margarita pie, cheesecake, and tres leches cake,  we could not resist trying them all.

Not only was Abuelos food authentic (recipes from the chef’s grandmother) but it had creative touches . The service was remarkable. The chef described each dish and then he served it along with the owners of the national chain.

Sometimes when I have an experience this wonderful, I think about what it would be like if I came in alone and unidentified.

So a few weeks later I went back to Abeulos on my own one night. Sometimes women eating alone in restaurants get less attention and service than groups of diners. But at Abuelos the service was equally attentive. And the food was as wonderful as on the first visit.

My favorite dish was Enchiladas De Cozumel—Three delicious crepes filled with fresh guacamole, covered in a rich white wine sauce with a medley of seasoned shrimp, scallops, mushrooms, fresh spinach and roasted peppers.

Abuelo is always outstanding every time you dine there.