A meal that is sure to make your little ones smile

HollywoodHollywood, California is a mecca for everything larger-than-life. (It is home to the Oscars, after all!) So it should come as no surprise that the biggest kid-friendly breakfast buffet I’ve ever found was deep in the heart of Hollywood.

The Hollywood Hotel bills itself as an affordable, family-friendly jumping off point for exploring the sights of Los Angeles. The property is pet-friendly, has a beautifully landscaped outdoor pool—note, it is unheated—and offers the complimentary breakfast of champions.

UntitledStarting your kids off with a good breakfast—and one that doesn’t require a wait in a restaurant—is one of the secrets to a successful vacation. And this hotel makes it incredibly easy. Guests are welcome to come and go any time between 6:30 and 10:30 am. The buffet offers the usual suspects like a myriad of cold cereal dispensers, juices, coffee and tea, cut melon and vaguely anemic croissants. But, this being Los Angeles, there’s also a tray of gluten-free pastries as well as plump muffins and danishes, assorted breads and four kinds of bagels with cream cheese. (And in addition to melon, there’s a nice selection of other cut fruits as well as yogurt, cold meats and cheeses.)

kid-friendly_breakfast2I’ll admit, some of the items on the list are best avoided by anyone under school age—sugar rush, anyone? That’s why I love the hot bar. A short order cook is on hand to prepare eggs to order, including veggie omelets. (I enjoyed spinach, mushroom and cheese. My youngest surprised me by putting away three scrambled eggs.) Andkid-friendly_breakfast you might even be able to bribe the kids to add some tomato or peppers to their omelets, if the trade off is a made-to-order heart-shaped waffle.

That’s right. What really puts the Hollywood Hotel’s kid-friendly breakfast on the best of list is the waffle bar.

Waffles come in traditional “triangles” as my son calls them as well as hearts. And guests can order a single (as in a quarter, or “triangle” of a waffle) or the whole waffle. The whole experience is designed with little people in mind.

The Hollywood Hotel is located at 1160 N. Vermont Avenue. For more information and reservations, visit http://www.hollywoodhotel.net.