From Adventure Honeymoons to Epicurean Experience these are the top travel trends. 


1.  Rise of the Adventure Honeymoon

Forgoing the cookie-cutter honeymoon, more newlyweds than ever are celebrating their matrimony with an adrenaline-filled adventure tours.  An intimate, small group tour is the perfect hassle-free honeymoon for active couples looking to discover a new culture and experience world-class thrills. From action packed mountain biking trips through Nepal and Turkey to thrilling surf tours through Costa Rica and Mexico, adventute is the new romance. 

2.      Booming Epicurean Experiences

With unprecedented growth over the past year culinary travel will be more popular than ever. Travel with cooking classes at a destination or meeting with local farmers is becoming more and more popular.

3.      Hot Ticket — Morocco

An exotic haven close to continental Europe, Morocco will continue to be a popular destination in the coming year. 

4.      Emerging Himalayan Dreamland — Nepal

With the world’s most majestic mountain scenery, it is no wonder that travel to Nepal continues to rapidly increase. According to Nepal’s Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, travel to Nepal increased by 22.1% from 2010 to 2011.

5.      Beachcomber’s Hidden Treasure — Nicaragua

Featuring unspoiled golden sand beaches and lush terrain, Nicaragua is one of the most pristine destinations in Latin America with some of the world’s most consistent, uncrowded waves. With Nicaragua now considered one of Latin America’s safest nations, it is no surprise that travel to Nicaragua has grown approximately 8% annually for the past five years according to INTUR, the Nicaraguan Tourist Board. The total number of tourists traveling to Nicaragua is still only about half of Costa Rican tourism – making it a hidden treasure for the adventure traveler. Now is the time to discover Nicaragua’s secret spots and secluded warm water beaches.

6.      Financial Uptick Promotes Long Lead Trip Planning

With the economy on the upswing, travelers are once again beginning to plan and book vacations well in advance of their travel date. “For the last couple of years, people were planning their trips very last minute due to an unsettled feeling about the economy. and how it might impact them personally. Now bookings move more toward three to six months out.


Access Trips, a leading adventure travel company specializing in exotic learning vacations announced this list of the hottest travel trends for 2013.  Access Trips’ CEO, Tamar Lowell, is predicting the most popular destinations, experiences and travel patterns for the coming year.