summer shandy 1The Traveler Beer Company in Burlington, VT seems to have embarked on a mission: to create craft beers for people who think that they don’t like beer. They have done this largely by taking a refreshing beer beverage from western Europe, the shandy, and reworking it for the American palate. In 2013, they released their strawberry shandy for a limited time. For the summer of 2016, they again believe that the taste of the summer is strawberry.

From the moment you open the bottle, you smell the strawberries. Once you pour it, there appears to be little in the way of carbonation, and a lot in the way osummer shandy 2f scent. There is no appreciable head, and the color is an opaque straw-yellow. The wheat beer and the strawberry juices somehow combine to bring out some lemon scent and notes for the finish. However, the dominant flavor is still the strawberry; not the flavor of a fresh berry or of a fake strawberry hard candy, but rather more like a strawberry gummy or a strawberry tart.

The texture has more carbonation than would appear in the glass, which also probably adds to the lemon zest flavors. It’s complex enough to even intrigue a hardened beer snob or a wine connoisseur. Very easy drinking, but also quite interesting. It’s also quite nice poured over ice, which brings out more of the lemonade character, and is perfect for a hot summer day. It would be wonderful news if Time Traveler became a permanent fixture in the Traveler Beer Company’s selection.