I am in an organization called Weirdery. There are no admission or entry qualifications. 

Weidery 004All you have to do is think you are weird or want to be weird .  I read abut this group on Meet Up and loved the description. For months I had walked by a loft with the sign WEIRDERY right by their door. Suddenly i put it all together. Weirdery wasn’t just in the building where i live, it was even on my floor.

I knew I had to try it. At least once. Weirdery pot luck Jan 2012 001

Last night was the first pot luck of the group that I made it to. I wondered what it would be like to have dinner with a whole group of weird people. The food was great–only beat by the company and the conversation.

Weirdery pot luck Jan 2012 003

The weirdest thing anyone brought was hot dog flavored potato chips and Extreme Pringles.

sept 28 2011 019The first meeting I went to was “craft day.: Everyone brings a project they are working on. Participants vary each  time. I’ve worked side by side with painters, jewelry artists, someone sewing costumes and more. If you are a crafter, you may understand how lonely it can be at times. You want to say,”How does this look?” but there is no one to give you feedback.

My first project was to make a necklace out of buttons and a broken single earring. I am into symmetry, but one of the participants suggested I put the single earring in the center. Bingo. He was right. And everytime I wear it people ask where I got it. I try to explain that I made it with  the help of my weirdery friends.

sept 28 2011 017An artist was finishing a painting as I arrived. He asked if anyone had something they wanted painted. One woman went and got a large picture frame. He asked,”what should I paint?’ The frame-owner replied, I want it blue. He said, ” I am not a housepainter. Does anyone have something I can actually paint art on?”

I kiddingly said I had some boots. He told me to go get them (they were really scruffy Salvation Army sale boots. He asked what I wanted painted on them and I took him down the hall to my loft and showed him my favorite painting.

The next time I saw him, he presented me with these incredibly painted boots. He explained all the symbolism of the icons painted on the boots. It is wonderful to be weird.sept 28 2011 037