The Peace AppAmidst a crowded train of iPhone and iPad users on match-3 games, running adventures, and video casino games, there may now be smart phoners and tablet aficionados tapping their way to peace.

Minerva Endeavors, Inc. has launched the new Peace App, an unlikely option among the majority of apps to keep us on task or whip us into an addictive frenzy. Or perhaps, that is the point.

Asking a busy professional or student to take seemingly precious time away from a project or paper to meditate may seem unreasonable. How often do we ask a stranger or colleague how mindful or serene he feels as we sit on the bus or wait at the coffee machine to refill our mugs?

The Peace App may be likened to a spiritual alarm clock, reminding us to spend time each day forgetting the tasks at hand and engaging with our inner selves. Built-in interactivity in the “Community” section allows users to send positive thoughts and affirmations that can be viewed by others, much like getting an anonymous greeting card or compliment. Once engaged in a peace-inducing practice such as yoga, meditation, or positive intentional thinking for a set time, other users are alerted to your activity as a method of encouragement. You can decide with a user you’ve never met to meditate at the same time for the same duration. This infuses a partnership element to the practice, in case you like having the added support.

The app comes complete with soothing music and imagery to promote meditation and movement, and you can even personalize your experience by uploading your own music to the app. I decided to upload a track from my favorite peaceful album, Meditation Moods by Dean and Dudley Evenson, a husband and wife team dedicated to producing calm, restorative music and sound environments. 

“Collective consciousness,” first coined by French sociologist Emile Durkheim in 1893, and also discussed by well-known psychiatrist and philosopher Carl Jung, presumes the presence of interrelated thought energy created and under constant influence by all thinking beings. The idea that our individual thoughts influence the thought-energy of all thinking beings was a prime motivation behind the Peace App’s creation. The hope is that by engaging users to practice modes of achieving peaceful states of mind within the framework of a user community, there will be a greater drive toward peace on a grander scale, both consciously and unconsciously. 

As far as profits are concerned, 10% of the app’s earnings are being donated to non-profits focused on educating about mindfulness practices. Joining this app in its efforts is $2.99, an infinitesimal price to pay for true peace of mind.