swiss8Race on over to Europe where The Amazing Race competition completes one leg of its international challenge.  Using half the energy but having maybe twice the fun, join the participants as an observer, then take on your own amazing challenge.  Switzerland is spectacular!

swiss7In their race around the world, the participants of the popular North American reality game show, The Amazing Race, will come to Switzerland to face new challenges. See what the teams have to overcome in their next leg and enjoy the beautiful Swiss setting and landscape at the same time. “My cheese is out of control” features one of the show’s classic challenges – an all-time favorite – revisited. Also, see how one of the racers goes over the edge at the spectacular Eiger. Watch the show on Sunday, 14th of April at 8pm on CBS/CTW!

SWITZERLAND - SOMMERThe Amazing Race Flag Throwing

Discover the art of swinging, throwing and catching flags. Flag throwers swing their fluttering flags back and forth, whirl them through the air and catch them by the staff as it comes down. Flag throwers have perfected exactly 99 throws in Swiss flag tossing: from body turns, to flat tossing, to high tossing. This performance calls for complete concentration and remarkable eye-hand coordination skills are required. Flag tossing is one of Switzerland’s oldest national sports and is usually accompanied by the traditional music of alphorn blowing. It is an art that is primarily presented at traditional festivals. Take part in a course and try to learn the art of flag throwing!

Toggenburg: Familie ueberquert Bergbach im ToggenburgSwiss Family Adventure

Alpine Family Adventure Discover Switzerland’s highlights and breathtaking landscapes on an adventurous trip for you and your family.   swiss12Take a cruise across beautiful Lake Lucerne, visit the charming Old Town of Bern, ascend Europe’s highest train station in Interlaken and explore Switzerland’s Italian side in Lugano. A cogwheel train ride and a sailing tour are also part of this exciting, but family-friendly trip.

If you go:

 Cox & Kings: Swiss Family Adventure