My 92-year old Mom was in a serious auto accident. She was not driving. She was rear-ended by a hit and run driver. And she hurt her back and broke two ribs.

As soon as I  heard she was hurt, I tried to get a ticket to Fort Lauderdale. It was the Friday of a four day holiday weekend starting fourth of July.. No tickets were available at any price. So I realized I could not leave until Saturday. I bought a ticket on the only direct flight left.

Arriving in a beach town after 1 AM on Saturday night means there is no scheduled public transportation. I had arranged for a driver, but the taxi company tracked my flight and realized I would get in after 1 AM. They had a previously booked client for that time.

 When I got to the Southwest gate in Dallas I told the gate agent my problem. She cheerfully responded, “ I think we can help you with that.

Suddenly she announced on her microphone. “We have a woman here who needs to get to Del Ray for her mother. If anyone can help her, Southwest will give you an airline voucher.

Suddenly, I was the most popular person in the waiting lounge.

A woman and her daughter were going to visit Dad. And as it turned out they would exit the highway on the exact street my Mom lived on.

Bingo! I would finally get to see my Mom 50 hours after I learned of the accident.

                          The heros of the day

Southwest Airlines

The Southwest gate agent

The Metro Taxi 561-444-9999

And the helpful people at Sewell Buick took my car in for service and drove me to Love Field Airport    Then they washed my car and delivered it to me the day after I got home.