FullSizeRenderIf you like tofu and are concerned about getting it fresh, you have a chance to make your own now. Morinaga Nutritional Foods has the answer with its new Make-Your-Own Tofu Kit. I have tried it and I found the process easy and straightforward, and the end product was indeed a very fresh tofu.

Why should you eat tofu? Unless you are allergic to soy, there is no reason not to try it, given its nutritional value. Soy and soy products are high protein, iron, magnesium and calcium content in addition to being low in cholesterol and saturated fat. Although I prefer eating my soybeans whole, there are not many ways to play with simple soybeans. However, tofu is so versatile, you can do almost anything with it. Having no distinct flavor of its own, it can take on any flavor that you would want to use it. Of course, versatility aside, the main reason is its nutritional value. If you are like me, concerned about your and your family’s nutrition, you probably tried tofu by now at least once. It is quite different to make your own. Up until now I didn’t think that it was possible.

Naturally, when I had a chance to try this new product, I was happy to do it. I have just made silken tofu from the kit and am thoroughly impressed by the result. I found that the process is simple, the directions are easy to follow and straightforward, and I did get the promised results.

I received the package for the silken tofu version. The other one would be soft tofu. I set off to make some tofu for my stir-fry dinner tonight. Directions are included one for either individual pieces of tofu or for one larger piece. I made the one-piece because I wanted it cut into squares later on.

The directions are broken down into four steps, and they even include pictures, so they were easy to follow. I had no issues with the process at all. Basically, if you have about 30 minutes, you can make great tofu. When it’s done, it can be eaten right away, but for a firmer tofu, it helps to refrigerate it for a few hours.

For the one-piece tofu, I found that it worked better if I left it in the simmering water longer than the recommended time, but they included this extra information in the directions. I left it in for about 25 minutes instead of the recommended 15. I refrigerated it right away, and a few hours later I was rewarded with some very fresh, silken tofu. IMG_2603

When I started cutting it, I realized why they call it silken. It really looks and feels like silk. I personally enjoyed both making it and cutting it up, it is just beautiful. Mine didn’t end up quite like the “firm” tofu I used to buy at the store, however, it is not too soft either, and it is easy to cut, so it is useable in any recipe. Those who want to make a really firm tofu can use a tofu press. Also, the longer you keep it in the simmering water, and the longer it stays refrigerated, the firmer it becomes. It is also possible to add your own flavor to it, and the directions include a note about it.  IMG_2613

The downside is that it does take some time, especially if you want it firm or like it cold. When you are rushing to get dinner on the table, it is definitely easier to just reach for the ready-made package. However, making it in advance helps. I made it one day ahead and refrigerated it overnight. It became firmer and it’s ready when I just need to reach for it at dinner time.

Also, you need to wait for it if ordering since at this time, the kit is only available online.

The Make-Your-Own-Tofu Kit includes 6 packages of soy milk, 6 pouches of Nigari – the coagulant used -, and even one Tofu Maker press, all for $17.40. Not a big price if you think of all you get. One package of soymilk and 1 pouch of Nigari makes enough for six individual pieces of tofu or enough for a dinner for a family.

In addition, the company is environmentally responsible, using aseptic recyclable and BPA-free boxes for the soymilk. This packaging ensures that the product has a long shelf-life of up to 9 months, sealing in its nutritional value and flavor and protecting it from the effects of light, air, and microorganisms, without preservatives or radiation. The soybeans used are Non-GMO as well.

Overall, I am happy with this kit, I enjoyed making my own tofu, and I was impressed with the taste as well. It really makes a difference to have it so fresh, using quality ingredients. I am sure I will order it in the future.

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