pancakes With his pictorial interpretations of mass-produced cakes, cookies, snack foods and candy that have become icons of global culture, the Mexican painter Juan Carlos del Valle provokes an encounter between the sacred and the profane.

Temptation is made up of two sections: one containing a selection of works from his public religious art project Our Daily Bread (2009–2010, Mexico City), and the second featuring a visual narrative that addresses essential aspects of the dimensions of the sacred and the profane. The show is a perturbing yet seductive confrontation between the permissible and the forbidden.

Processed foods as a reflection of human vacillation  between the sacred and the profane is a frequent theme in his art.

Juan Carlos del Valle’s pictorial concept is a bold interpretation of the still life genre, generating controversy through the altered social values depicted in each piece. In portraits suggestive of human values and behaviors, these processed foods become menacing and seductive witnesses to our own duality.

With a curatorial design centering on the evocations that create the chromatic and material atmospheres of each painting, Temptation relies on the aesthetic alteration of food icons in order to generate a reflection on the diversity of Humanity, the essence of Divinity,the darkness of the Descent, the excess of Ecstasy, the illumination of Virtue, and the irrevocability of Duality.

Organized as a collaboration between the Museum of Biblical Art and the Mexico Institute, both in Dallas, Texas, and the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico through the General Consulate of Mexico in Dallas, Temptation is an exhibition of fifty-one smallformat paintings whose unsettling artistic concept stands out in the context of Mexican contemporary art.oewo

Having pioneered in Mexico the re-connection between contemporary art and religious experience, Juan Carlos del Valle is notable for his interest in turning painting into a relational art form. Juan Carlos del Valle (Mexico City, 1975)

yummyJuan Carlos del Valle’s free and independent nature has allowed him to train and develop his art unaffected by social demands and artistic trends. Having studied under Spanish painter Demetrio Llordén (1931–2000) for four years, the artist has constructed a personal concept which has been exhibited in major Mexican and international museums since 2004.

tortilla chipDel Valle has had forty-two solo shows in Mexico alone. Two of his more recent events have been the tribute exhibition Chavela Vargas and Juan Carlos del Valle: An ExistentialDialogue (San Ildefonso College and the Spanish Cultural Center in Mexico, Mexico City,2012), and the show The Better to Eat You With (Isidro Fabela Cultural Center/Casa del Risco Museum, Mexico City, 2012; and the Felipe Santiago Gutiérrez Museum, Toluca, State of Mexico, 2013).

Temptation will be on display at the Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas, Texas, from September 12, 2013 to January 6, 2014.



Museum of Biblical Art, Dallas

September 12, 2013 – January 6, 2014