April Fools Day is associated with pranks, silly stunts and practical jokes.

No one is expecting a useful present.
So wouldn’t it be great to surprise your friends and family with an unexpected gift that is actually practical.

Hats off to this new Hat ProductWalleroo hat

It’s happened to the best of us… arriving at your vacation destination to find that our stylish stuff has been smashed, folded and bent beyond recognition from a bumpy trip in a packed suitcase.

Wallaroo stylish and functioning hats are crushable and packable to there is no need to leave your fairly beloved hat behind with worries it will get ruined and loose it’s shape en route to your destination. Wallaroo packable and crushable hats can be packed flat in a tote bag or suitcase for safe stowing or stuffed and rolled – but always pop back to shape when unpacked.\

Made from canvas, microfiber, cotton twill and poly-straw, which make the hats washable and crushable – perfect for the traveler – on the move. The brims of the hat may be worn up or down for more sun protection; lightweight for comfort and easily packed to travel with you anywhere!

This fashionable sun protecting travel accessory is a favorite among celebrities including Cameron Diaz, Kim Basinger and Brooke Shields. With Wallaroo’s unique drawstring cord allows one to custom fit each hat to each individual.

All hats are durable and flexible: you may wear the brim up or down for more sun protection; lightweight for comfort and easily packed to travel with you anywhere!

Higgs Boson? April Fools!!

DC IMG_9742Looks can be deceiving and my eyesight is not all that it used to be. For example, when I read, ‘Higgs Boson’ I thought it said ‘huge bison’, which brought to mind one of my favorite environmental projects, a Wild Range Bison Corridor™ stretching from Michigan to Texas.

I glanced at the news today and again saw ‘Higgs Boson’, which I misread as ‘huge bosom’,making me think of up-and-coming Italian starlet Lola VaVa!. The Higgs Boson itself is supposedly an elusive atomic particle as rare as a unicorn and which scientists could not prove really existed – but which holds the universe together. For this reason they call it the ‘God Particle’.

Well – enough of the Higgs Boson! Just look at the Dreamcatcher combination sleep mask pillow! At first glance you might think it was an April Fools joke.

On closer inspection, however, you will see the model is smiling because he is wearing a very useful multipurpose item, which he is confident will help him sleep, nap, or stay comfortable anywhere. He carries this Dreamcatcher sleep mask in his car in case he wants to take a nap along the road – or to keep his hands or ears warm if he gets stuck in an unexpected blizzard.

NSChanT45The Dreamcatcher has secret pockets that can hide cell phones, passports, glasses, lighters, money, medicines or valuables. Details can be seen on Amazon, eBay, or www.dreamhelmet.com – and the cost is $29.95

The new little brother of the Dreamhelmet™ family is the Nap Star Transformer™ combination sleep mask pillow. It lacks the secret HiPockets™ but it is lighter, slimmer, and can also be used as an attachable pillow or eye mask, providing a way to sleep in any situation. The Nap Star transformer is sold on Amazon, eBay, and www.napstar.us – The introductory price for this well-designed sleep aid is a mere $19.95.


Easy Access to your SuitcaseHelium Breeze 4.0

Surprise yourself with a Delsey Helium Breeze 4.0 suitcase! Durable, functional and sophisticated, the collection is the first to feature an Easy Access™ compartment that can be opened from the side of the case. This compartment allows travelers to conveniently retrieve toiletries, shoes, or a sweater during travel. It can also be used to separate previously worn or damp garments from clean clothing on return trip.

Conveniently, the Easy Access™ compartment neatly folds away when not in use. For business travelers, the carry-on bags also offer a built in padded computer sleeve on the front pocket of the case, meaning travelers can take out their laptop or tablet as needed, either at the airport gate or on the plane.

What are you wearing under your clothes?

. Have you ever stuck something small you needed to carry in your shoe or sock, up your sleeve or in your underwear since you had nowhere else to put it? 

iPhoneUnderDressPortaPocket® by Undercover Solutions, LLC is a new, multi-functional and detachable carrying case system that’s a lightweight, streamlined solution to such challenges. It comfortably straps right onto your calf, thigh, ankle, arm or waist and provides a handy way to safely, conveniently carry the things you need, hands-free. And with the down economy, it’s especially of value with the increase in theft.

Crafted from robust 1682 ballistic nylon the collection is created to withstand the inevitable wear and tear that comes from repeated use

PortaPocket carrying cases can be optionally discreet as they can be worn under or over the clothing. To wear, simply mount any of the interchangeable pockets onto the PortaPocket band and wrap it around your waist or limb of choice.Long dress with cc

Pockets are detachable for ease of use and two-hand functionality, yet stay firmly on the mounting pad when in stowed position. Pockets with Velcro®-style mountings work well for lightweight items like ID, credit & business cards, money, lipstick, tampons, hygiene items, single keys, iPods®, etc

.Other pockets have belt-loop mountings and slide right onto the band or can be used on your own belt, too; these are best for slightly larger and/or heavier items like passports, key rings, cell phones, insulin pumps, inhalers, EpiPens®, etc.

Made of washable nylon-coated neoprene, the PortaPocket carrying case can be so comfortable, some wearers have almost forgetten it’s there! The entire line is available in black or beige, with some products available in soft pink. Vacationers, joggers, dog walkers, exercisers, dancers, and otheractive people will find it useful to be unencumbered as they go about their day.

“There are so many types of people who can be benefited from using our detachable portable pockets,” said Kendra Kroll, founder of Undercover Solutions, creator and marketer of the PortaPocket line. “They’re for gals wearing dresses at weddings, proms or nightclubs who doesn’t want to ask their companions to carry things for them or worry about misplacing their purses but who still need to keep personal essentials with them at all times. It’s helpful for traveler carrying passports and allows choice in where it can be worn. It can be sanity-saving for people who need an insulin pump or inhaler…”

DRESS UP Glitz BLINGAlleviating the little things in life that cause minor irritations or inconveniences can make someone feel better about themselves and more confident,” said Kroll. “Ours is not just a portable pocket but a problem solver that provides convenience and peace of mind to those who wear and use them.”

For more information about the new PortaPocket line of carrying cases, or to place an order, please visit www.portapocket.com, or call (847) 809-3408.

Romantic New Fragrance from America’s Sweetheart114.5937.76 JSVB 3.4 bottle

Vintage Bloom,the new fragrance from Simpson,is a soft,sheer romantic floral, a subtle harmony of garden flowers wafting by on a summer breeze. Feminine and sensual,beautiful and accessible,this fragrance captures Jessica’s own charming, natural style. “I love the sweet allure of flowers in full bloom,sun‐drenched afternoons and cozy evenings with someone I adore. To me, Vintage Bloom is all about my favorite things; it is easy, lovely, joyful and such a true connection to my heart.”

Capturing the vitality of Jessica Simpson’s girl‐next‐door American charm, crisp vibrant citrus notes of Calabrese lemon and Caipirinha lime zest open Vintage Bloom with a zing. Slowly the soft,femininity of raspberry blossom, a breezy, floral accord and a burst of stardust peony evolve to embrace Jessica’s dreamy romantic nature.

Bright, youthful notes are tempered as the fragrance blossoms into warm sensuality, inviting notes of crisp cotton musk and Indian sandalwood to charm and delightfully entice. Vintage Bloom captures the scent offlowersin the air ‐ a freshly cut bouquet of fragrant blossoms, long treasured emblems of romance now captured in a fragrance that is the very essence of America’s sweetheart