lyndsey-jones-paper-planesIt’s a rare treat when you find a gem of an artist before the rest of the world has found them. One that is able to sing, play, write, and perform at the highest of levels right from the start. When I find someone like that, it is my first instinct to share that rare talent with as many people as I can, as soon as I have the opportunity. So let me let you in on my little secret, and you can say you knew about her right from the start.

Her name is Lyndsey Jones, and she is a L.A. based, Dallas, TX born singer/songwriter with a sound like Alicia Keys or Erykah Badu at their best. Her first E.P., Paper Planes, has been out on iTunes and Amazon for digital download or physical CD purchase for a few weeks now. It’s only 6 tracks long, but they truly make up an outstanding collection six songs.

The first two on the album truly are reminiscent of Alicia Keys, driven by piano and electric drums, with heart-melting lyrics. “Unbreakable” and “How Long” both are well crafted Contemporary R&B love songs. They are followed by “Witchcraft”, which has a more classic R&B feel, channeling Nina Simone in both phrasing and the arrangement. “Butterfly Effect” sounds more like a song by John Legend, although it is another original by Ms. Jones. “Paper Planes” returns to an Alicia Keys or Erykah Badu vibe, in the best way. Finally, the album ends with a reimagining of the Gnarls Barkley hit “Crazy”, if it had been passed through the fingers of Norah Jones.

Jones plays her own piano and has a warm, sultry voice that can make you melt. This really is an album that feels like it’s the opening shot in a long, wonderful musical adventure. At only six songs long, she doesn’t have the opportunity to make a misstep, and though the album is not long, it is likely to become a nice addition to the music collection of any contemporary soul, r&b, or vocal jazz fans.

Paper Planes is available on iTunes, Amazon, and through several streaming services.