Naked CaloriesThose of us who love to travel know how hard it is to maintain a healthy diet every day in every place we roam. But the trouble might not be the travel, we just might have a misconception about what is a healthy diet! 

Naked Calories by Jayson and Mira Calton brings to light all the things our diets are probably missing–and why it may not be our faults. From depletion of soil quality to cold pasteurization, our modern world is destroying micronutrients and it’s getting harder and harder to eat a complete diet. The Caltons’ book explains the outside factors depleting your chance at a healthy diet  as well as offering building blocks to help you live a healthy life.

More than a diet book, Naked Calories is an information-rich manual to nutrition in modern America. I realize the cover image screams preachy diet plan but this book is so much more (and only faintly tinges on the preachy).

It is a fascinating read as well as a good, solid guide to achieving and maintaining a truly balanced diet in a modernized world.  As someone who follows the latest discoveries and trends on the nutrition side of food, I’m incline to say that this is one of the most important books on food I’ve read in the past 5 years. Read it and eat (your micronutrients, that is!).