Abeo sandalsI don’t know if it is learned or inherited behavior. But both my mother and I are passionate about shoes. And it is one of the many things we shared when I was growing up.

I went to visit my Mom in Florida recently and knew my new ABEO sandals would be perfect for the trip. I had hoped to have a mani-pedi to match the tangerine color of  the sandals. If only I had picked the silver or the black —because I already have polish to match those shades . But somehow I know there will be another pair of ABEO sandals in my future..

Because as I saw her lusting for mine, I knew it was my turn to give my shoes to her. She is already the fashion queen of her assisted living program. So she of course had the perfect outfit to wear with “our” new shoes

I test drive cars. But this was the first time I test drove shoes. The weekend after I was in Florida  I went to the Texas  Automotive Writers Association 2016 Car Rally on the track in Bridgestone, Texas. The memo I got before the event said, “no open toe shoes on the raceway track,” so I knowI was meant to leave the ABEO sandals in Florida.

The engineering factor of the ABEO sandals reminds me of the technology of cars. The shoes feature the B.I.O.system, which is a proprietary technology to ABEO.  They were the first to bring to the market the built in orthotics, especially in sandals.

I am the queen of comfort. But For anyone experiencing foot problems like plantar fasciitis or shin splints or those who suffer from lower back pain or joint pain, ABEO footwear can alleviate the pain by providing support, alignment and balance.

I test walked the Balboa sandal (which is pictured her in a sort of tangerine color), which is equipped with Abeo’s B.I.O. (Built in Orthotic) System.  This added support will offload pressure, reduce shock on the knees and joints and also allow balance and alignment and allow you to be comfortable all day whether it is right after a workout or exploring a new city.

Many times auto manufacturers ask me what features matter most to women. (i own www.carladynews.com one of the first female focused websites.) Men seem to car about what is under the hood. All I care about is how cushy the seats are and how smooth the ride is.

But I am all about comfort. I like cushy, well-padded seats. Because whether I am walking or riding my top priority is how comfortable the walk or ride is

Abeo Sandals would be a great gift for Mother’s Day, Father’e Day or just about any person’s day.