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How my microwave helped get my toilet clean

My microwave died and it was replaced with another used one. The person who installed it thoughtfully wiped the inside clean. But he used Pinesol. I did not realize anything was wrong for a few zaps. Everything looked so nice and clean.

But then I drank some tea and it had a terrible smell and taste. I reheated some oatmeal and it was even worse.  Maintenance sent up a cleaning person to wipe out the microwave. Voila! Everything tasted fresh and fine

The last time I tasted anything that bad was at Texas Land and Cattle. I split a dessert with a friend. She wisely asked how it was prepared because it had such a noxious taste and smell. The manager explained they were all made in a commissary. A former lawyer, she asked for the manual. 

The chocolate pie instructions said remove from freezer and then put in the microwave for a few minutes. It did not say to remove the saran wrap. You can’t image how bad nuked saran wrap on top of a chocolate dessert tastes.  I don’t remember the name of the dessert. I quickly buried that flavor experience deep in my culinary memory. but I wondered how many diners had orderedthe nuked chocolate pie.

I had actually forgotten about the microwaved saran wrap until I tasted the Pinesol tea and oatmeal.

The worst part was my ex-mother-in-law cleaned everything with Pinesol. It was one of the worst parts of going to visit her. She died years ago, but I will never forget that smell. I don’t think of her often—only when I get a big whiff of Pinesol. It was almost like her signature perfume.

The day didn’t get much better. I rushed to a dental appointment to have my mouth guard refitted. I left early, and wanted to be sure I was on time. I left so early, I left my mouth guard behind. I couldn’t go back to get it because I was almost out of gas. Harvey has created simulated gas shortages.

I did call the Buick Roadside Assistance who has a wonderful feature where they will change tires or deliver gas. Usually it takes less than an hour. But I  guess a lot of other Buick owners decided it was a good day to call for a gas delivery. Due to some misunderstood directions, it took them over four hours to deliver the 2 gallons of gas.I could have gotten a gas can and walked to a gas station faster than that.

I also asked the cleaning person about a product to clean the toilet. She used some kind of acid. She squirted some in the toilet and it shined

A summary of my day. I used the last of my gas to drive to my dentist but left my mouthguard behind. I did not have enough gas to go back home to get it Then I waited four hours for  Roadside Assistant. I called Apple to set up an appointment at the genius bar. It had to be the next day so I could be sure I had enough gas to get to the Apple store. Tommorrow has got to be better.

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