Legoland’s Duplo Playtown will ignite imaginations and burn some energy

Keeping the preschool set, with their boundless energy and endlessly inquisitive minds entertained can be a real challenge. You may find you’re wondering what to do with your little ones in summer or on those school breaks. A trip to the amusement park is a crowd-pleasing answer for older kids. But for children 2-5? The average amusement park offers a few too many thrills for children in this age group.

That’s not the case with Legoland California. The Legoland Parks were all designed with children ages 2-12 in mind. But with the addition of the new Duplo Playtown at Legoland in California, this amusement park has become a paradise for kids 18 months-5 years…and their parents!

A yellow house with a blue slide at Legoland Duplo Playtown

A playground of every preschooler’s dreams, Duplo Playtown opened in May of 2019. Playtown is situated at the top of a small hill, set apart from the rest of the park by its gentle rise. This helps make it feel like a contained, safe space, with no overstimulation or distractions by the crowds and foreign noises of the “big kid” rides.

What to expect from the Playtown experience

I took my own little ones to experience this Duplo-inspired playground shortly after the opening. At three years old, my daughter was in play heaven. And even at 6, my son was charmed by many of the mini-park’s activities. It is the kind of place where, so long as you’ve packed your bag of essentials, you could spend a relaxing two or three hours just enjoying good, old-fashioned play.

There’s a gentle train ride. It is designed to make a positive first amusement park ride encounter for the extra-small visitors. (My daughter was enchanted by riding the tiny train cars on their circular path. My son, already a connoisseur of thrill rides, passed on the less than breathtaking experience.)

Legoland Duplo Playtown Train with children riding in the cars

However, my son jumped at the chance to climb one of the Kid Power Towers at the center of the playground. (This strength-building activity, a challenge in which you lift yourself up the tower by pulley system, was too advanced for my younger child.)

The Duplo playhouses

The rest of this park-within-a-park’s activities center around ten Duplo-inspired playhouses. The playhouses are themed after iconic elements of a friendly small town. There’s a fire station, grocery store and barn. And although these structures offer a suggestion of activities, they’re really loose guidelines. There’s plenty of room for imagination in the play.

Since Duplo Playtown is set off from the main flow of park traffic, parents can feel comfortable to let their little ones roam and feel a sense of independence. (While you are keeping a hawk eye on them from a distance.) The park’s design definitely took a parent’s concerns into consideration with excellent site lines. It definitely offers long-range visibility of children as they run from activity to activity. It is a safe, fun space in which small children can assert themselves and get an empowering first Lego experience.

About the Legoland California Resort

Duplo Playtown is a part of Legoland California Resort in Carlsbad, (just north of San Diego). In addition to this preschooler’s paradise, the resort offers a full amusement park rides appropriate for children up to age 13. There are two Lego-themed hotels with multiple dining options. The complex also boasts a water park open in the summer months. In addition, there’s a small but charming aquarium complete with touch pools and education on the local marine ecology.

Legoland offers many attractive season pass options for local visitors as well as varying levels of one-day passes. For more information, visit the Legoland California Resort website