The Greenwich Village Halloween parade started more than 4 decades ago in 1974 with some village puppeteers – the Bread and Puppet Theater — and local actors marching up Sixth Avenue. It has become an event in which thousands of people participate and watch in a quirky, joyous, clever expression of inventive phantasmagoria.

But if you want to see it now, here is some advice from someone who’s been there for many years. And then, here are my favorites from this year’s march, with a focus on the political, a week before the election, natch.

tv-commentators-on-platformFirst, find a place where there is light! The parade starts below Houston Street at 7pm but it’s 8 till it reaches most of the village. And by then even with street lights it’s dark. So go someplace like Sixth Avenue and 10th Street, where the TV cameras hang out and set up bright lights.

The groups and individuals passing by slow down to do their acts. And it’s bright enough for you to see. Police barriers make it difficult to navigate, but you can cross Sixth Avenue at 11th Street to choose which side of the Avenue you will view from.

cops-with-hillary-trumpHere’s a TV platform on 10th Street across from the Jefferson Market Library with a faux “Phantom of the Opera.”

The most interesting characters were politicals.

Here are Hillary and Trump with a couple of cops. The cops were cool, seemed to enjoy the event.

Then another Trump and Hillary, about the emails: “delete, delete delete!” Here’s a lady in leopard skin denouncing Trump, the sexual predator. trump-and-hillary-delete-claws








There were Hillary critics and supporters. Here are some calling out Hillary’s emails (that’s an FBI guy on the left), and Hillary partisans with a red banner.hillary-critics-and-supporters







And of course, the Greens’ Jill Stein advocates held her picture high. Found no supporters of the other guys. This is New York! There were marchers against the NRA. We don’t like guns here!vote-jill-and-against-the-nra






And there’s more, including some of my favorites.

Chaplin and a stilt walkerchaplin-stilt-walker







Rubic’s cube and a charming kid with feathers. rubics-cube-and-kid-with-feathers






A lady in bed (she’s walking on legs you can’t see) and exotic dressers from a few centuries ago. lady-in-bed-and-exotic-dressers


And there were many dozens more. Including plenty of witches and vampires,  marching bands and dancers.

And a couple of green faceless soldiers who may be auguring what a bad election will bring.faceless-green-soldiers

See you next year, near Sixth Avenue & 10th Street!

The history of the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade is here.

Photos by Lucy Komisar.

Visit Lucy’s website The Komisar Scoop.