New York City doesn’t have a carnival, but the Halloween Parade comes close.

Though this year’s parade was generally not as political as last year. It started with the giant stick puppets created by the Bread and Puppet Theater which began the parade in 1973. Then it was a small casual street theater piece. Now it is a spectacle that draws 250,000 people who are ranged behind police barricades from Soho to 16th Street.

Trump of course was at the parade. A troop of people from “The Resistance” featured body-stockinged characters with shocks of blonde hair and signs that said, “Emperor Has No Clothes!”

In another guise, Trump with a paper maché face is handcuffed and being led away by a woman with a big stick.


The themes and participants are broad. Multicultural, one might say!

There is the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration.


A black and gold cult whose object of reverence is unclear to me. Maybe someone out there knows.



And more traditional.

A marching band.


A Harlequin clown.

Skeletons. Witches. Floats with rock singers.

I loved the giant spider hanging on the tower of the Jefferson Market Library.

Tip if you go: The parade starts at 7pm in Soho, at Broome and Spring streets and goes up Sixth Avenue to 16th Street. It is not lit. The corner of Sixth Avenue and 10th Street in the Village is a good place to stand, because TV cameras set up there and shine their bright lights on the street. The parade arrived there this year at 7:45pm.

Photos by Lucy Komisar.

Visit Lucy’s website, The Komisar Scoop.