I have admired photographer Kent Barker’s work since I moved into the Southside on Lamar community. Until this week I did not know he has a son, Amon, who is also a fabulous photographer. Recently, I went to a joint photo show they had at the Janette Kennedy Gallery at Southside on Lamar.

Their styles are similar, their coloring is similar and I think even if you did not know them, you might guess they were a father and son. I asked Anon which was his favorite shot because I wanted to take a picture with him in front of it. 

The Janette Kennedy Gallery features a photography exhibit, “Generations”, which will showcase two generations of photographers. Kent Barker, a national level photographer whose previous work has been published in both Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair and his son, Amon, who currently works with clients such as Jeep and National Geographic, will display a collection of photographs that span over half a century. The exhibition ran at the Janette Kennedy Gallery until September 30.

As I walked through the gallery, I noticed the historical characters that Kent had shot. I wondered if I would look back on the evening as the night Amon was discovered.

Besides the colorful art, a tamale cart offered a delicious choice of chicken or black bean tamales.

The legendary tamale man served the perfect pairing with the scenic photos.

My next stop was the opening night of the Dallas chocolate extravaganza and I knew the tamales were a perfect way to coat my stomach before I devoured a Willy Wonka size cocoa experience.

You can never be too thin or too rich or have too much Chocolate