The Dallas Arboretum is currently hosting “Garden Gigs” this summer. At this event, there are several artists performing in various areas throughout the park. Getting me to go out in this Texas heat is not an easy task, but this idea enticed me. I opted to take a chance and see how this idea works as well as meet with one of the artists, Micah Peacock.
Experiencing music in this majestic park is a great idea. As I walked and observed, I enjoyed watching the beautiful scenes around the gardens. There were families enjoying picnics, there was laughter, and love was in the air. It was a lovely break from chaotic. everyday life. I was pleased to see how the music added a beautiful touch to the breathtaking views. The selected area for each artist to perform perfectly framed each of them. As did their music for each of the settings.

I had the pleasure to visit with one of the local Christian artists, Michael Peacock. We talked about his music, and his calling to sing. He has spent a lifetime singing in the church. I asked Michael about the difference between performing at the Arboretum as opposed to a church. He stated, “Performing at the Arboretum is like performing in the Garden of Eden”. What a great way to describe the beauty of this park! I don’t think I could have described it any better. As Michael performed, there were families sitting on blankets and children were safely running around, chasing bubbles, and giggling. There was a true joy and calmness in everyone attending. And, as Michael demonstrated through his beautiful lyrics, this is the perfect setting for a concert.

The Arboretum has done it. They have found a way to add one more beautiful touch to the park. The addition of music to this splendid setting is perfect. I will be returning, to share this experience with my grandchildren. Oh, and the Texas heat? Thanks to this lovely experience, I absolutely forgot about the heat. At least for one evening.