One of the newest “Rivieras”, Riviera Nyarit is made up of dozens of seaside resorts, beaches and pueblos that  dot the 200 mile coastline. Not yet over-run with tourists, it is bounded by beautiful beaches along the coast and is the next door neighbor to Puerto Vallarta. You can find new luxury hotels, wellness resorts and yoga retreat plus the most inclusive all-inclusive I have ever experienced.  I certainly enjoyed researching this story for my readers.

 Thai massage and a Temazcal at Taheima Wellness Resort  and Spa

Taheima Wellness Resort and Spa combines the best of both worlds. An utterly modern hotel setting with two infinity pools, a yoga studio and spectacular suites with individual plunge pools. If you are a serious yogi and appreciate great massages, Taheima is the place for you. When you enter your suite, you will notice a spacious living area in addition to the bedroom. Look out the window and you will see a plunge pool beyond your patio. And through the trees you will notice two large infinity pools.

What’s missing?  A chair and surface that you can use as a desk. But this is not a business hotel so most people might not mind that the internet reception was spotty.

Yet for a place that calls itself a wellness retreat, it is frustrating that there is usually not even one vegetarian option on the dinner menu most nights. They said they could make you anything, but seemed to be out of some of the listed menu items. (out of avocados? How can that happen in Mexico)

I asked for simple spaghetti sautéed in olive oil with cheese on top. The waiter brought the spaghetti and when I asked about the cheese, he said they were all out. I asked him to send out a manager. He never did.

 I had almost finished my naked noodles when a man came by and asked how my dinner was. I mentioned I had hoped for cheese on the noodles and he looked puzzled. Finally he brought out some Mexican cheese that was a delicious substitute for Parmesan.  I thought about how much more I would have enjoyed the dinner if they had brought the cheese sooner, or told me they did not  have Parmesan when I ordered it. Imagine ordering Eggs Benedict and then having it served with no eggs. Or they brought you a hardboiled egg when you asked about getting eggs.

Ironically, this was the only place I had trouble getting vegetarian options.

Breakfast is bountiful with different choices every day. You can purchase an all inclusive meal package,  which is a good option if you are only staying a couple of nights. For a longer stay you might want to experience meals at nearby restaurants and resorts.

My best day during a ten day stay in Riviera Nayarit was the morning I took a yoga class at Taheima and followed it up with a Thai massage. I love Thai massage and have experienced it everywhere from Thailand to Scotland to Texas and now in Mexico.

The Thai massage was amazing. It was over an hour long and included acupressure after the traditional massage. If you have never had a Thai massage, it is what some people refer to as  “lazy man’s yoga”. The therapist bends and moves your body into pretzel-like positions. It is a type of therapy that involves stretching and deep massage. Thai massage is often called Thai Yoga massage. Muscle compression, joint mobilization, and acupressure are also used during treatment. People describe Thai massage as both relaxing and energizing.

Any massage is a unique experience directed by the therapist. As soon as I took a yoga class with Mariano Manresa Alvarez Tostado  I asked him if he did Thai massage. Bingo! He did. Mariano did one of the best massages I have experienced (and my body has been rubbed all over the world) His passion for yoga is obvious as he teaches it. When I asked him about his background, he explained he was half Hispanic and half Mexican.  He studied at an Ashram in Mexico City.

I though how international this experience this was. A girl from Texas gets a Thai massage from a man from Barcelona who studied in Mexico.

Another interesting experiences available at Taheima was Temazcal. Temazcal is an ancient ceremony that revolves around a healing steam bath, the medicine of Mexican ancestors. It represents the wisdom of mother earth, a ceremony of the fire, water, earth and air, and results in a deep experience of rebirth on a physical, mental and spiritual level.










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