I’m going on a trip. Can you help me book my vacation?

Our staff is made up of journalists. We are not a travel agency. Have a great trip!

Can you recommend places to visit?

Reading articles about places or topics that interest you is the best way to gain recommendations. You can search our site by Destination or Special Interest.

I’d like to advertise on your site. Can you give me more information?

Certainly! Our rates and guidelines can be found here.

I have a website, and would like to exchange links. Can we do this?

We have no plans for a reciprocal links directory at present. We do offer several advertising options, however—see our Rates information page.

I’m a writer. How do I go about submitting stories to your site?

We are always interested in reading new stories. Submission guidelines are available from Madelyn@travellady.com

What kind of stories are you looking for? 

 We prefer articles written from a firsthand experience.

  • NOTE: If you have received any assistance with any part of the trip or experience you are writing about, be sure to note it at the foot of the article. This includes: comped, hosted, sponsored, discounted, etc., hotels, air, car rentals, meals, activities, events, etc…
  • NOTE: Please credit all photos. Your name as photographer  Or list the name of photographer. Or say “photos courtesy of ABC company
  • NOTE: If you are in any way affiliated with a company that you mention in your article, make note of that in your initial email to us.
  • (P.S. If you are trying to pull a fast one and submit a guest post that is actually a sponsored post, we will make sure the entire blogosphere knows your underhanded tactics!)
  • NOTE: If you have received or will receive any form of payment for an article that you submit to travelLady.com  make note of it in your initial email to us.
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Are you hiring?

We have no paid positions at present. We do, however, offer internships. If you are interested in being an intern, e-mail us for details.

Can I contact your writers directly?

Most of our writers have e-mail addresses, and are happy to answer questions and offer advice. Our contributors are here.

I have a question that wasn’t answered here. Where can I ask it?

For other questions, write to madelyn@travellady.com . We’ll do our best to help!