Creative combinations that sound crazy at first, but taste so delicious you can’t wait to try all the other odd-sounding things on the menu. Chef Josh Harmon’s knack?  Putting together inventive ingredient combinations and leaving you feeling wow’ed – like it’s the best thing you’ve put in your mouth…ever.  

Chef Josh pulls from a kaleidoscope of worldly influences, often Asian or carnival fare but unless you’re told the ingredient list, you wouldn’t know it. Chicken Biscuit crackers, Fruit Loops, Corn Nuts and other snacks of youth, get equal play as ingredients. 

We started with pimento cheese on Chicken biscuit crackers. Who would have thought of that? It was so surprisingly good that next time I went to the grocery I bought some chicken biscuit crackers. ( I always have pimento cheese on hand. But mostly I stuffed it into celery or red pepper strips)

I would love to invite Chef Josh to my house to play iron chef. What would he do with the Reindeer meat I brought home from Finland. Or the bottles of pickled vegetables that people send me to taste test. I still haven’t thought of what to do with the beer salts the Twang Family sent me. The flavors sounded interesting— (Mango Chili, Chili Lime Salt, Pickle Salt, Hot Lime), and so far I am considering sprinkling them on cottage cheese. But I am sure Chef Josh would have a better idea`

Junction is where all good things come together.


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