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South Dakota


Innovative Routes in 2013 Entice Cyclists of All Levels

A Pacific Northwest-based active travel company specializing in two-wheel tours in North America, Hawaii (the Big Island) and New Zealand  announces new tours for 2013. Latest opportunities include a celebrity coach-led training tour in January… (more)

Taking a Journey in a Rapid City Museum

You begin your visit at the Journey Museum in Rapid City, South Dakota, appropriately in the Star Room — an area representing the time between the forming of the universe and the forming of the rock record in the Black… (more)

Chamberlain, South Dakota, Provides Welcome Respite along I-90

If you’ve driven along Interstate-90 in South Dakota, you know there are few attractions between Mitchell and Wall — a 220 mile stretch of farmland and rolling hills. But one community you don’t want to pass by is Chamberlain, a… (more)

The Black Hills of South Dakota — A Family-Friendly and Budget-Friendly Destination

The tunnel is a large yawning gap in the side of the mountain. Guide David Gausman leads his band of explorers — ages two to 91 — into the unknown, equipped only with trust in Gausman, hard hats and the… (more)

South Dakota Badlands – Welcome to the Wilderness

I’m not a geologist or a paleontologist and I don’t hike or camp. But when I drove into Badlands National Park I was hooked on the rugged other-planet-looking world of western South Dakota. People are simply drawn to the Badlands… (more)