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Cruise Trends and Trips: Meet baseball legends aboard legendary riverboat

This summer, two beloved American pastimes and traditions come together when the 436-passenger American Queen hosts some of Major League Baseball’s legends. MLB prankster Jay Johnstone, lefty pitcher Fritz Peterson, New York Yankee Ron Blomberg and 1969 World Champion Art… (more)

Heading for Cedar Point? Check out Sandusky Ohio’s Other Family Attractions

Sandusky, Ohio, has long been associated with the world-famous Cedar Point with its “best collection of roller coasters on the planet,” specific children’s’ areas, live shows and beach-front resorts. Cedar Point is, of course, a seasonal amusement park: spring, summer… (more)

Bucket List Adventure: ‘Indulge me’ packages from Maryland to Middle-earth

Channel your inner hobbit and slip into a hobbit-hole where you can read “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy to your heart’s content. Feel the world melt away as your muscles turn to jelly beneath a blanket of hot stones… (more)