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Matthew McConaughey is sexy. McConaughey is sexy with a receding hairline and dirty hair. He is sexy with mud all over his face. He is even sexy when he has lost enough weight for a movie that his famous… (more)

Eureka! Spring Break in the Ozarks

Point your mouse to Eureka Springs for a March diversion with your lover, friends or extended family. This quaint Victorian village of 2,000 tucked away in the Arkansas Ozarks is a fresh respite from the ordinary and certain cure for… (more)

Hot Springs Magic Elixir

This story was written by Deborah Burst. The cure for life’s bumpy highway   Yea it’s been a rough year, okay, a couple of rough years. Bank bailouts, corporate greed, and the roller coaster stock market, need I say more?… (more)

Major Multi-State Snowstorm Commences Christmas Day

AccuWeather reports all the ingredients are coming together for a major snowstorm to unfold Christmas Day and spread from the southern Plains to the eastern Great Lakes and Northeast.

Far more potent than the snow event headed to the Northeast… (more)