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A Camping Trip at Sunset Crater National Monument

With the heat upon us in Phoenix, we were ready to go up north for at least a weekend. Our favorite spot to camp in Arizona is Sunset Crater National Monument. Fitting this year, with the National Parks’ 100 year… (more)

Arizona Adventures

My husband and I recently spent five days in Arizona, visiting two places that had been on both our bucket lists. Our first stop in The Grand Canyon State was too long overdue.  We were finally… (more)

Timely guide helps plan National Park visits

Just in time for the National Park Service’s 100th anniversary, and to help families plan their spring/summer trips, there’s a new guide available. The 8th edition of the National Geographic Guide to National Parks of the United States has everything… (more)

A Trip to Lowell Observatory and the Lunar Eclipse

Since our girls had a few days off for a fall break, we visited Northern Arizona and stopped at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff. It wasn’t the first time we have been there, but it’s been many years since the… (more)

The New Phoenix: A Glorious Surprise Rising in the Desert

Rising into the early dawn darkness over the desert outside of Phoenix was a surprising and mystical experience. I had been in a hot air balloon, once, so I was not surprised by the huge flame lit volume of air… (more)

Practical Presents for April Fools Day

April Fools Day is associated with pranks, silly stunts and practical jokes. No one is expecting a useful present.So wouldn’t it be great to surprise your friends and family with an unexpected gift that is actually practical. Hats off to… (more)

New year, new spa treatments

Ah. A new year, a fresh outlook. It’s the perfect time to try something novel – especially something inherently, deliciously renewing. Here are some new spa treatments designed to reinvigorate both body and soul. Reconnect with your inner harmony At… (more)

Is there More Romance in a Historic Hotel?

Make your own history while retracing noteworthy steps and inspiring love stories in a historical setting around the nation this winter. Certain prestigious properties which have maintained authenticity, sense of place, and architectural integrity in the United States, including… (more)

Innovative Routes in 2013 Entice Cyclists of All Levels

A Pacific Northwest-based active travel company specializing in two-wheel tours in North America, Hawaii (the Big Island) and New Zealand  announces new tours for 2013. Latest opportunities include a celebrity coach-led training tour in January… (more)

Best Places To Go To See Ghosts

While there are lots of haunted places across our great nation, some seem to be more so than others. And while there is no guarantee of a ghostly encounter, a visit to one of the fifteen places discussed in A… (more)