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Specialty Bakery Produces Grain-Free Foods

Nourish Bakery is the first of its kind, a bakery producing grain-free foods for people with special dietary requirements, or those who just want to live a healthier lifestyle. Based in Madison, Alabama in an antique, refurbished church building, the… (more)

A culinary adventure along Alabama’s Gulf Shore

The gulf coast of Alabama is a foodie’s dream come true. After exploring the sites of Mobile, Gulf Shores and Orange beach head to one of these great restaurants. Each one is unique and feature music on a regular basis.… (more)

Visiting the home of Hank Aaron in Mobile

On a recent trip to Mobile, Alabama John and I visited the Hank Aaron Childhood Home. It was built by his father, Herbert, in 1942 and is located next to the Hank Aaron Stadium. We were lucky Mike Callahan, the… (more)

Welcome to the Garden

Before me lay a treasure of flowers, foliage, imagination and ingenuity as I entered the Huntsville Botanical Garden in Huntsville, Alabama. Offered a 112 acres of nature’s finest coupled with man’s artistic talents, my biggest question was where to begin.… (more)