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Your App-y Place: The Peace App

Amidst a crowded train of iPhone and iPad users on match-3 games, running adventures, and video casino games, there may now be smart phoners and tablet aficionados tapping their way to peace. Minerva Endeavors, Inc. has launched the new Peace… (more)

I left my excess baggage in Mexico

  This is not a story about how to pack, how to avoid excess luggage fees or anything else related to suitcases. It is a story about what I left behind. Recently, I signed up for what I thought was… (more)

Awaken and Center Yourself in NY

Awaken and center yourself via a yoga retreat, pursuit of learning paths or trekking a mountain trail in New York. Across the state, centers for yoga and relaxation are designed to tone, calm, and renew your spirit. At… (more)

How to Relax in the center of New York City

  During Solstice in Times Square  From 7:30am to 9pm, thousands of people will be practicing yoga in the heart of  Times Square.Times Square Alliance and Athleta Host Free All Day Yoga Fest to celebrate the Longest Day… (more)

Soulfully Recharge in Africa, Costa Rica and Mexico

Do you dream of a sensational  remedy for the mega-amplified, daily stress of life and work?  Inhale deeply and recharge those overused internal batteries with luxury private guided travel to Latin America and Africa for individuals or… (more)

Got Wanderlust?

 Would you choose Vermont, Colorado, California or B.C. for a summer extravaganza of music, yoga and adventure? Wanderlust brings together thousands of people from myriad backgrounds in spectacular outdoor settings, all the while cultivating a vibrant community of like-minded… (more)

ABS-olutely Gets to the Core

With summer weather soon upon us, our thoughts turn not necessarily to love but to our bellies!  That’s because we know the way to our true love’s heart is through our stomachs = toned abdominals, firm… (more)

Artisan Bread and Serenity, Now

Whether you go for the meditation, yoga, hot springs, the artisan bread, acclaimed vegetarian cuisine, or celebrity retreat leaders, you will find it in Big Sur. This remote and oldest Zen Monastery in the U.S., twenty-five miles southeast of San… (more)

Babes in B.C.

Helicopters and majestic mountains are no longer strictly for males thanks to these opportunities for female-only heli-hiking in British Columbia. Women of all ages and stages will embrace the breathtaking beauty of Canada’s Columbia Mountains in August 2013. The focus… (more)

Sun Salutation and Meditation Aboard a Tall Ship

If you seek the exhilaration of free daily yoga and meditation aboard a tall ship along the coasts of Costa Rica and Nicaragua, the opportunity is here. Departing February 24, 2013, Star Clippers will spotlight a yoga-themed cruise on the… (more)

Finding Serenity and Safety in Riviera Nyarit, Mexico

One of the newest “Rivieras”, Riviera Nyarit is made up of dozens of seaside resorts, beaches and pueblos that  dot the 200 mile coastline. Not yet over-run with tourists, it is bounded by beautiful beaches along the coast and… (more)