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Wines and Vines

Photo by Dave Shultz


Ancient Vines, Wines and Times in Portugal

It felt incredibly indulgent: hopping from my cozy bed just long enough to toss the curtains open, then plunging back into the covers so I could sip coffee while watching the dramatic landscape of Portugal’s Douro Valley ease by the… (more)

Park and Palate: chefs from Dallas, Austin, Houston and San Antonio tempt you with Texas’ best tastes.

Instead of spending up to four hours traveling on a  culinary exploration of Texas, you can enjoy gourmet offerings prepared by 3 of the top chefs from each of Teas’s best culinary destinations: Dallas, Austin, Houston and San Antonio.… (more)

Discover port from Portugal’s Douro Valley

The oldest demarcated wine region in the world is not in France. It is in Portugal, in the Douro region near Porto, famous for port wine, and a necessary stop on any traveler’s tour of the country. Though the vineyards… (more)

Flemings: There’s A New Steak In Town

Before I make it down the plush red carpet, a photographer snaps my photo and a smiling server offers me a sparkly, fluted glass of light golden bubbles. I step through the glass door and find myself in The Land… (more)

Kathryn and Craig Hall Throw a Wine Party

Former Ambassador Kathryn Hall and Craig Hall hosted a party for some 550 of their closest friends (and no doubt a few party crashers) in their almost-completed lovely new office building, Hall Arts in the Dallas Arts District. Just across… (more)

Discover that Spanish wine is more than Rioja!

I found my favorite white wine almost as soon as I walked into the “Spain’s Great Match” wine tasting in New York. In the regional section of wines from Somontano, in northeastern Spain, I discovered a lovely soft white Grenache.… (more)

A New York tasting of special Italian estate wines

At a tasting of wines, mostly from Italy, I got a sense of how spectacular these wines can be. The event was arranged by Vias Imports and featured wines from as far north as the Alto Adige with names and… (more)

Balzem: an elegant NYC wine bar bistro with tapas & mezzes

With its brick walls, tall racks of wine, high beamed ceiling, huge round wagon-wheel chandelier, vintage mirrors, dark wood tables and a gorgeous metal clock works, Balzem is an elegant Nolita (north of Little Italy) hideaway. The restaurant seats 58… (more)

Show your mother you have good taste

All of the benefits of wine with none of the calories:Vinia For red wine lovers, this is a dream come true. A new product from Israel that has all the healthy parts of red wine in a powder. Imagine sprinkling… (more)

Seaside Sipping: Atlantic City’s Wine Promenade

An out-of-state friend recently remarked to me that Atlantic City must be “dying” with all the recent casino closings. Well, it’s true the casino industry is taking a hit; but the city and its famed Boardwalk is not about to… (more)

What kind of wine pairs with pumpkin?

New HobNob Wicked Red Blend is an opulent red wine blend that’s casting a spell on revelers everywhere for Halloween and Day of the Dead. Already dressed for the occasion and outfitted with a decorative sugar skull on its’ label,… (more)

A Visit to Long Island’s North Fork

 Eastern Long Island’s best kept secret may not be hidden for much longer. The North Fork with its thriving wineries, burgeoning culinary scene, nostalgic farm stands and countryside landscape is becoming all the rage for many vacationers. In contrast… (more)

Short Hills Wine Tasting was what to do on a Friday night in Northern NJ

Wine tastings have become big. More people want wine as cocktails or with dinner. And they want to know about them. So, forget about the movies on some weekend night in the suburbs. Try a wine tasting! Recently, I went… (more)

Medieval-modern Alsace, an aesthetic and culinary feast, and the pièce de résistance is Strasbourg

An ancient center of modern Europe—how’s that for contradictions? I’ve always thought of Strasbourg as a political town, the headquarters of the European Parliament. But on my first visit there, I was stunned and delighted to find it charming, quaint,… (more)

Fall Festivity at Francis Ford Coppola Winery

Fall is a time for happenings at Francis Ford Coppola Winery. Francis puts it best, saying the winery is a wine wonderland, a park of pleasure where people of all ages can celebrate the love of life. A Masquerade Ball… (more)

The Best of Pairings? Food and Wine (or Beer), of Course

The new Trinity Groves development at the foot of the landmark Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in Dallas, Texas, will be the site of a tasting event that is sure to amaze all who attend. Called “Pairings”, the event is being… (more)

Dijon: Taste its medieval heritage, savor its Burgundy wine

Dijon was the home town of the Dukes of Burgundy from the 11th to the 15th centuries. Now it’s the capital of one of France’s best wine regions, famous for appellations such as Montrachet and Pouilly-Fuissé. But Burgundy is also… (more)

A Blind Tasting that was an Enlightening Experience

Wine writers and wine professionals are often invited to “blind tastings” Usually that means the label is covered. You can still see if you are tasting a white or a red wine. Yesterday I had the ultimate blind tasting experience.… (more)

Make Dad’s Day special with things he’ll continue to enjoy

It’s gotten a lot easier to buy Dad’s day presents. There are so many specialized products no matter what his interests and desires. And if your Dad is like my Dad, he will appreciate whatever you get him. Make a… (more)

Drowning in wine is a good thing in Beaune!

When the Duke of Clarence was condemned to death by his brother, the King of England, he declared, “I wish to be drowned in a barrel of Beaune wine, so that my death will be effortless and peaceful.” This may… (more)

Pick Your Grapes, Wine, and Destination…France

With any given vacation destination, unless you’ve been there before…once, twice, or even thrice, it is difficult to know where to go to eat, sleep, and explore.  If you have dreamed of traveling to France but have never… (more)

Wines of Friuli–Venezia Giulia

Tucked away between mountains and sea in Italy’s northeast corner is the region of Friuli–Venezia Giulia. Known for its unique fusion of cuisines that blends Austro-Hungarian, Slavic, Venetian, and Roman influences, Friuli offers a variety of irresistible flavors. From goulasch… (more)

Two-Wheeling in Thompson-Okanagan Wine Country

If you are attracted to two-wheeled exploration and sips of Pinot at select countryside settings, look north.  On a guided winery cycling excursion in British   Columbia’s Thompson Okanagan wine country, you’ll pedal with purpose.  The West… (more)

Savor the Flavor of Dallas

 Savor Dallas 2013 Spectacular showcases Best New Venues in Bid D and Surrounds  Savor the flavor of the 9th annual Savor Dallas, expanding this year to include four days of festivities:  Thurs., March 14-Sun., March 17th. … (more)

Celebrate Food and Wine, Kapalua Style

Oenophiles, gourmands and enthusiasts of the good life will once again reconvene on the beautiful western shores of Maui in celebration of the 32nd Annual Kapalua Wine & Food Festival.  Along with veteran restaurateur, Homegrown Host Master Sommelier… (more)

Naughty or Nice Valentines

Naked and Naughty Valentine’s Fantasies Naked RebelNew wine brand. Naked Rebel Winery began where the winemakers started bootlegging their wine in the dorms of Cal Poly. Now they are barely legal and making a pretty solid Oakville Cab/Syrah… (more)

How do I love, you Valentine. Let me count the ways.

1.Something special for your honey: Burts Bees. This gift set boasts some of the most beloved Burt’s Bees pomegranate products, which you can enjoy with a signature Burt’s Bees Spa Pouf included for indulgent pampering.  Burt’s Bees® Pomegranate Gift… (more)

Battle of the Bon Vivants

Do you love wine? Are you competitive? For the men (and women) who love tournament style competition, drinking wine, and the opportunity to get their lover relaxed and in the mood, consider Wine Battles this Valentine’s Day. Wine Battles… (more)

Sweet Tooth Meet Tout Sweet

You can have your cake and eat it too at Tout Sweet Patisserie.  You can also have your wine and drink that, too, with dessert!   Desserts Paired with Wine and Beer Yigit Pura, chef and owner… (more)

Que Syrah on the Santa Barbara Urban Wine Trail

Wine aficionados will raise their glasses in Santa Barbara on Saturday February, 16.   From 10 AM to 2PM, attend a Syrah Seminar featuring five of the region’s top Syrah producers.  Learn about Syrah grapes that grow in the… (more)

Cruise Trends and Trips: Small ship adventure a sailing good time

It’s not for everyone. It’s not for the 3,000-plus that pack the ocean-going behemoths but rather for the 90 or so who eschew the glitz and glam of those floating cities for the more intimate vibe of a vessel that… (more)

The best wine to drink with Kangaroo

I had an invitation  to have lunch with an Australian winemaker. How could a girl turn it down? I was curious about what kind of wine  you should drink with Sweet Potato Fries and other… (more)

Innovative Routes in 2013 Entice Cyclists of All Levels

A Pacific Northwest-based active travel company specializing in two-wheel tours in North America, Hawaii (the Big Island) and New Zealand  announces new tours for 2013. Latest opportunities include a celebrity coach-led training tour in January… (more)

Veritas:This is Dallas’s Destination Wine Bar

Destinations always seem to be somewhere else. Somewhere special so you plan your excursions around them.  I don’t know about you, but when I have a world traveler with me, it always seems that no matter where you go,… (more)

12|12|12 Las Vegas: A Wedding to Remember

From Elvis impersonators officiating ceremonies, to drive through quickies, to over-the-top glamour – no place in the world does weddings quite like Las Vegas. And with nearly 5 million people married in Clark County since 1908*, it’s no wonder Las… (more)

My 53 week year

Ever dream of having an extra week to catch up on everything you planned to do “someday”. I actually had that happen to me this week. A cross country ride I was looking forward to was suddenly postponned. That… (more)

Napa calls!

Those golden hills were our constant escort from LA on Labor Day.  Scorched nut trees and grapevines marched north. Fruit trees, cotton and cows challenged the dustbowl.  The aqueduct snaked near the 5 freeway teasingly. It’s a trip… (more)

Ooh, Canada!

A reference to “Napa of the North” caught my attention while researching a trip to the Canadian Rockies and Columbia River Valley last September. Quite a fan of central and northern California coast bounty, I was compelled to check out… (more)

Bucket List Adventure: Sonoma is the place for life list overachievers

An hour north of San Francisco, Sonoma sits at the confluence of several bucket list adventures. For fans of director Alfred Hitchcock, it harbors the setting where scenes from his 1963 horror classic, “The Birds,” were filmed at Bodega and… (more)