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Le Village, vegetarian plus, brings classic French cooking to East Village

I know several couples where one of the two is a vegetarian and the other is not. So either they go to an interesting vegetarian restaurant or the plant eater is reduced to the vegetable plate. Or… (more)

Sampling Portland’s Artisan Foods

Shoppers snacked on pickles and chocolates and sipped vinegar and whiskey at Portland’s fourth annual Season’s Eatings event last Saturday. The get together in New Deal Distillery hooks up local producers with local consumers—and traveling consumers if they’re lucky enough… (more)

Vegetarian Options Near the L.A. Convention Center

Picture this: You find yourself at the enormous L.A. Convention Center. You don’t know your way around the city. You’re hungry. And a vegetarian. What do you do?  It’s true the convention center is not the most veg-friendly area… (more)

Sambazon Introduces New Vegan Acai-Based Smoothie

Health nuts are constantly turning up new superfoods, squeezed from the bark of a South American tree or blade of grass. Case in point: the acai berry. According to dermatologist and Oprah consultant Dr. Nicholas Perricone, this little berry is… (more)

Meatless Mondays and More at MAX’s Wine Dive:

 One of the great part of being a food writer is you often get advance notice of what restaurants are doing and chef’s new offerings. And since I am a fairly recent vegetarian I was intrigued when I got… (more)

Vegetarian Fine Dining in Quebec City

The concepts “vegetarian” and “fine dining” are not exactly synonymous. So I joined a three-night group visit to Quebec City with a certain amount of trepidation. I’ve been vegetarian since childhood and nowadays I’m pretty much vegan, though I try… (more)

Biking Guayaquil and Other Pasttimes of the Conscious Traveller

  On a recent Saturday afternoon in Guayaquil, Ecuador, I was photographing the beautiful sculptures in the city’s main cemetery when an irritable policeman materialized by my side and hustled me off the premises. A few days later, another policeman… (more)

My instant Indian Vegetarian Dinner

As a new vegetarian, I am trying all kinds of ethnic foods. I love Indian food, but it is often too spicy for me. So I have started adding things to balance the spices. Eggplant is one of my favorite… (more)

Salata:Fresh Fast Food

My mother would not believe that one of my new favorite restaurants offers a choice of over a hundred vegetables and fruits that can be tossed in a salad or rolled in a wrap. Maybe it is because I have… (more)

Sushi Zushi left us feeling raw

I did not intend to write a restaurant review. This story wrote itself because of all the things that happened. I was eager to introduce a vegan friend to Sushi Zushi.  They have a vegan menu so it seemed… (more)

Table Verte, when you’re in the East Village and think you’re in Paris

If you believe that vegetarians are the step-children of good restaurant eating, disabuse yourself of that old notion. For proof, just visit “Table Verte” — it’s French for green table — a small bistro on East 7th Street just west… (more)

Artisan Bread and Serenity, Now

Whether you go for the meditation, yoga, hot springs, the artisan bread, acclaimed vegetarian cuisine, or celebrity retreat leaders, you will find it in Big Sur. This remote and oldest Zen Monastery in the U.S., twenty-five miles southeast of San… (more)

Valentine’s Day for Vegetarians

Vegetarian Valentine ideas As a new vegetarian, I was looking for valentine dinner  ideas. The best place I found was Central 214 at the Palomar Hotel on Mockingbird in Dallas.  Each course offered at least one vegetarian choice—and… (more)

Starting my New Year with a Life-Long Resolution

 This is a picture of what I had for brunch on New Year’s Day. I joined about a dozen other people (none of who I had met before) at Wild Chutney’s on Beltline in Plano, Texas. This Indian restaurant… (more)