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Photo by Dave Shultz


Family Travel on a Budget

We are a traveling family. Before we had kids, my husband and I used to go on road trips every weekend. Later on, after our kids were born, we still were traveling every opportunity we had. We took our first… (more)

Meet Scotland on the Orient Express

Sir Walter Scott fell in love with this city.   Begin and end a summertime adventure in Edinburgh, Scotland.On a holiday through the Scottish Highlands, travel in the lap of luxury aboard The Royal Scotsman, a grand Edwardian train… (more)

The Amazing Race Challenges Switzerland!

Race on over to Europe where The Amazing Race competition completes one leg of its international challenge.  Using half the energy but having maybe twice the fun, join the participants as an observer, then take on your… (more)

Railroad Hero’s 150th Birthday Observed in Year Long Celebration

In Jackson, Tennessee — a city of 65,000 situated halfway between Nashville and Memphis — the memory of a railroad hero is kept alive at the Casey Jones Home & Railroad Museum. This year, Jonathan Luther “Casey” Jones would have… (more)

Winter Travel in the UK has its Perks

Not only are flights to England less during the winter months, but so are BritRail passes — an option I always use and always recommend. This winter season — now through February — when you book a BritRail Pass or… (more)

The Black Hills of South Dakota — A Family-Friendly and Budget-Friendly Destination

The tunnel is a large yawning gap in the side of the mountain. Guide David Gausman leads his band of explorers — ages two to 91 — into the unknown, equipped only with trust in Gausman, hard hats and the… (more)