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24 Hours in Havana

The parapets of the stone fortress were empty of the cannon that used to guard the blue waters of the harbor of Havana as the cruise ship sailed into port. I gazed at the skyline of this infamous city of… (more)

Enjoy Southern Hospitality in Johnston County, North Carolina

Visiting Johnston County in North Carolina offers a fascinating glimpse into the region’s history, along with a large serving of southern hospitality. The best way to explore this area is with a local tour guide, like we did recently. We… (more)

Rosemary’s Angels, an unusual tour through the center of Paris

How many angels fit on the head of a pin? I don’t know. How many angels are on the buildings and monuments of Paris? That’s a better question, and this past summer I started to find out. Rosemary Flannery is… (more)

Experience A “Slice” of Brooklyn

Why venture out to Brooklyn when there are so many sites to see in Manhattan?  Because Brooklyn, the most populous New York City borough with 2.5 million residents, has its own distinct culture with many ethnic enclaves living in… (more)

Berlin architecture: how form follows function

Walking on Berlin streets I’d ambled down before, I suddenly looked at the surroundings in a whole new way. Berlin is an exciting city for architecture. Spanish architect Lucía Martínez Estefanía was taking us through chosen streets on a Context… (more)

Edinburgh pub crawl through lives of Scots writers

We stood in an 18th-century version of upscale living. The stone courtyard in Edinburgh was surrounded by flats that had been occupied by professionals, merchants and gentry of the 1700s. And a few writers. That’s why we were there. That… (more)

A Paris Left Bank tour through history

Ah, the Left Bank of Paris. The charming narrow streets, centuries-old buildings and outdoor cafés take me into a fantasy past. It’s what gave the film “Midnight in Paris” its charm. This summer, for the first time, that visit was… (more)

Topography of Terror tour traces Nazi ghosts

You might expect a country to cover up the evidence of its terrible misdeeds. The U.S., for example, does not have a monument to the Vietnamese it killed and it will unlikely have a museum showing the crimes of Abu… (more)

A moveable feast of Paris culinary traditions

Do you know what the shape of a croissant tells you? In the language of pastry, it’s important and you need to know it before you buy one. I just discovered a language in France called food. Yes, I speak… (more)

Seeing insider’s Paris with an expert American guide

There’s a corner of Paris in the 5th arrondissement along the Seine that most visitors don’t go to. But Parisians know about the charming riverside cafés, about the spots where dancers go, about a bridge where people hang out, and… (more)

Honor Dad’s efforts to bring home the Bacon with Bacon gifts

You can count on your Dad to bring home the Bacon. Here are some products that show your good taste in gift giving. Bacon of the Month Club Goose the Market in Indianapolis offers a unique Bacon of the Month… (more)

Meet Scotland on the Orient Express

Sir Walter Scott fell in love with this city.   Begin and end a summertime adventure in Edinburgh, Scotland.On a holiday through the Scottish Highlands, travel in the lap of luxury aboard The Royal Scotsman, a grand Edwardian train… (more)

In Step with Tribal Traditions

From a luxurious lodge in the African wilderness, embrace magical safaris, thrilling surroundings and gourmet cuisine.  Now choose to explore the folklore and traditions of the local tribe from where the majority of the reserve’s employees hail.  In… (more)

Who hired these Pr people?

In the good ole days pr people used to think targeting information to writers was part of their job. There were no email blasts. Sometimes they might send a press release to everyone on their list, but since that took… (more)

Do You Prefer Cruising The Thames, Scottish Lochs or Emerald Island Canals?

In this slower paced, “gentle voyage of discovery” along the more intimate canals and waterways of Europe, you and a small number of guests become more fully immersed in the culture, history and gastronomy of the region. The hotel barging… (more)

Tour Italy by Sea (Kayak, that is…)

Who doesn’t dream of visiting Italy? By land? By sea!  It probably doen’t matter, so long as one can return, time and time again.  And with each return visit comes a chance to view this sublime country in… (more)

Visiting Bardstown: the Bourbon Capital of the World

Like sentinels watching over a village, warehouses filled to the rafters with Kentucky Bourbon barrels surround Bardstown — the Bourbon Capital of the World. With its three distilleries, Bardstown is the hub of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and folks here… (more)

Two-Wheeling in Thompson-Okanagan Wine Country

If you are attracted to two-wheeled exploration and sips of Pinot at select countryside settings, look north.  On a guided winery cycling excursion in British   Columbia’s Thompson Okanagan wine country, you’ll pedal with purpose.  The West… (more)

Istanbul. Unforgettable and Engaging.

Istanbul is one of the most richly layered, fascinating cities in the world. Uniquely, it is both European and Asian, a mecca for fellow travelers from the Middle East, Russia, China and Japan, from Europe and the west. This great… (more)

Tour Floribbean Cuisine in Miami

  Meet at a central point location in South Beach and embark on a delicious culinary adventure through the authentic flavors of the diverse cultures which elevate the soul of Miami in this exclusive culinary walking tour of South Beach.… (more)