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Timely and Trendy

Photo by Dave Shultz

Dallas Tiki Week: Everything Tiki you ever wanted to know or buy

If you love all things Tiki, you will love  the annual event celebrating Tiki Cocktails, Mid-Century Kitsch, and All Things Vintage. Tiki Week is a series of events hosted by the Dallas chapter of the United States Bartenders Guild… (more)

Have you ever been to a Day of the Dead Celebration?

Teatro Dallas has an annual The Day of the Dead Celebration.  A special reception was held Friday, November 2, 2018 and included traditional food and drink. The party was  followed by a production of “1968” Teatro Dallas presented… (more)

How many green thumbs does it take to feed 15,000 children?

Promise of Peace Garden holds benefit on Sunday, November 19. The Promise of Peace (POP) Garden celebrates a  beautiful community of chefs who have been fundamental in helping POP feed over 15,000 children over the past eight years… (more)

My favorite food festival in the whole world: Big Tex Choice Awards

I travel to learn about new cultures, see world famous sites —and most of all to experience new cuisines, I have been to a progressive dinner in Hong Kong that started on the heliport on top of the Peninsula Hotel,… (more)

Fun Home: Do you know all your family secrets?

Every family has secrets. In our family it seemed to be about money. That was a taboo topic. As was sex. When my father-in-law went into the military, he and his younger brother left all their money with the one… (more)

Into the Woods: Classic shows and stories combined in a creative new way.

 Combine a wolf, a witch, and a giant. Sprinkle with a damsel in distress and sophisticated references to favorite fairy tales. It adds up to an engaging performance bound to please adults and children. Venture back Into The Woods… (more)

Insider’s Tips to Greenwich Village Halloween Parade

The Greenwich Village Halloween parade started more than 4 decades ago in 1974 with some village puppeteers – the Bread and Puppet Theater — and local actors marching up Sixth Avenue. It has become an event in which thousands of… (more)

Park and Palate: chefs from Dallas, Austin, Houston and San Antonio tempt you with Texas’ best tastes.

Instead of spending up to four hours traveling on a  culinary exploration of Texas, you can enjoy gourmet offerings prepared by 3 of the top chefs from each of Teas’s best culinary destinations: Dallas, Austin, Houston and San Antonio.… (more)

Bella: an American Tall Tale

I was at a dinner party with Dallas Theater Center’s  Brierly Resident Acting Company’s Cast member Liz Mikel recently and asked her which shows she thought were not to be missed. Her first response was predictable—she said a Christmas… (more)

Rent: Times have changed but the message hasn’t

I have seen Rent three times. The production by the 2016/2017 Broadway Winspear Series Season was the performance I enjoyed most. The performers were all strong but an amazing number of them were in diapers at the time Rent originated.… (more)

Toxic Avenger: a hot toxic love story in a laugh-out-loud musical

With global warming, the environment is no laughing matter.Uptown Players closes its 2016 season with the regional premiere of the 2009 Outer Critics Circle Award winner for Best Off-Broadway Musical, The Toxic Avenger, running August 26 through September 11, 2016… (more)

The Fairmont Dallas: Elegance and Excitement

 “The Fairmont.” Merely whispering the name, “Fairmont” evokes images of fine dining in rooms of elegance, excitement and opulence. In 1969, The Fairmont Dallas became an instant and coveted site which was second home to high profile performers… (more)

Topical and trendy: Mothers and Sons

The relationship between mothers and sons is very topical. Anderson Cooper and his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt just published The Rainbow Comes and Goes: A Mother and Son On Life, Love, and Loss. A touching and intimate correspondence between Anderson Cooper… (more)

Time Traveler Strawberry Shandy: Just in Time for the Summer

The Traveler Beer Company in Burlington, VT seems to have embarked on a mission: to create craft beers for people who think that they don’t like beer. They have done this largely by taking a refreshing beer beverage from western… (more)

Award-winning Hutchins BBQ to showcase their “Sizzling Texas ‘Cue” to locals

I love James Beard. I have all his cookbooks, although I read them more for inspiration than use them for recipes. In general, I would rather read about and taste food than cook it. I have attended the New York… (more)

Deferred Action: A timely political play no matter what your affiliation

Deferred Action is a co-production with Cara Mía Theatre Co. and directed by Cara Mía’s Artistic Director David Lozano, who co-wrote the play alongside DTC’s Director of New Play Development Lee Trull. Because the news is filled with issues about… (more)

My mother has done everything for me. So I gave her the shoes off my feet.

I don’t know if it is learned or inherited behavior. But both my mother and I are passionate about shoes. And it is one of the many things we shared when I was growing up. I went to visit my… (more)

A Trip to Lowell Observatory and the Lunar Eclipse

Since our girls had a few days off for a fall break, we visited Northern Arizona and stopped at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff. It wasn’t the first time we have been there, but it’s been many years since the… (more)

I almost got a spare tire from the Texas State Fair Fried Food Tasting.

Ever since I moved to Texas, I have enjoyed hearing about the fried foods each year that won  awards. I remember the year of the fried oreo (which seemed wild at the time but it certainly  was tame… (more)

A Little Freud with my Coffee, Please

 I love coffee, coffee and more coffee. Add some decadent desserts, history and old world elegance and I’m in my element. Vienna did not disappoint as I went in search of those storied coffeehouses that dot almost every street… (more)

Dogfish Head: strange name, even stranger ales

I guess you could call me a beer geek. It seems that I have always loved the taste of beer – even as a child I would relish a sip of my dad’s beer. Once in college my fondness of… (more)

The Nance will tickle your funny bone

Remember when you were a kid and you hated when people tickled you (especially a sibling} But as soon as they stopped you wanted more, Sometimes you wanted to take a breath because you could barely breathe between tickles. The… (more)

Hug what is important to you

 Do you spend more time with your iPad or tablet than you do with your family?. So maybe you need to give those important gadgets tender loving care. Imagine a way to protect them in all kinds of… (more)

The gift that lets you say I love you five times more than ever before

A slim silver bar that does wonders for your romance. Many people think that the blue box from Tiffany’s is the ultimate expression of your love. But a true romantic would rather have love letters and hours of sweet nothings… (more)

True Tales, Ruby Revue & 60’s Costumes at Dallas Video Festival Opening Night

Almost everyone over 50 years old can remember where they were the moment when Kennedy was shot. I was in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois and an exchange student from England, Judy Eriera was staying with my family. How many… (more)

Naked Calories: redefining a healthy diet

Those of us who love to travel know how hard it is to maintain a healthy diet every day in every place we roam. But the trouble might not be the travel, we just might have a misconception about what… (more)

Fall Festivity at Francis Ford Coppola Winery

Fall is a time for happenings at Francis Ford Coppola Winery. Francis puts it best, saying the winery is a wine wonderland, a park of pleasure where people of all ages can celebrate the love of life. A Masquerade Ball… (more)

Sambazon Introduces New Vegan Acai-Based Smoothie

Health nuts are constantly turning up new superfoods, squeezed from the bark of a South American tree or blade of grass. Case in point: the acai berry. According to dermatologist and Oprah consultant Dr. Nicholas Perricone, this little berry is… (more)

Awaken and Center Yourself in NY

Awaken and center yourself via a yoga retreat, pursuit of learning paths or trekking a mountain trail in New York. Across the state, centers for yoga and relaxation are designed to tone, calm, and renew your spirit. At… (more)

Perfect Packable and Crushable Travel Hat by Jeanne Simmons

On a recent trip to the Galapagos, I ignored good advice and didn’t pack a hat. How important could a hat be? I’d packed sunscreen, after all.  But as any sensible traveler knows, when the sun beats down in… (more)

Welcome to Threadcrawl 2013

  This L.A. fashion and shopping event offers retail support through exclusive in-store deals for shoppers August 19th-25th, 2013.  Some of the top designers and boutiques across Los Angeles are participating in the week- long event. Shoppers… (more)

Minus5: A Bar on the Rocks

Finding a chill spot in NY is hard enough, especially when the summer heat turns buildings into saunas and can offer three-egg omelettes on the sidewalk. But at Minus5 at the midtown Hilton, bar-goers seeking a cold one are in… (more)

Behold Beatles’ Beginnings in Hamburg

You call yourself a Beatles fan.  Were you aware that it was in Hamburg, Germany, where the Fab Four began their career-as the not so fab five- recording their first commercially released record, “My Bonnie,” on June 22/23, 1961?… (more)

Red, White and Blue on the Menu

Is it true that JFK’s famed words “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”  were uttered at the morning rehearsal for his inaugural speech while dining… (more)

How to Relax in the center of New York City

  During Solstice in Times Square  From 7:30am to 9pm, thousands of people will be practicing yoga in the heart of  Times Square.Times Square Alliance and Athleta Host Free All Day Yoga Fest to celebrate the Longest Day… (more)

Honor Dad’s efforts to bring home the Bacon with Bacon gifts

You can count on your Dad to bring home the Bacon. Here are some products that show your good taste in gift giving. Bacon of the Month Club Goose the Market in Indianapolis offers a unique Bacon of the Month… (more)

81st Annual Laguna Beach Festival of the Arts

Join 140 of Orange County’s most renowned artists at The Festival of Arts, California’s Premier Fine Art Show, June 30 through August 31, 2013. As California’s longest running outdoor fine art show and one of the nation’s most highly acclaimed… (more)

Wellness Winedown event a Kimpton’s Hotel Palomar Dallas

 Kimpton’s Hotel Palomar Dallas and Central 214 are celebrating new health and wellness offerings with the 2nd Annual Wellness Wimedown    benefiting Attitudes & Attire, set for Thurs, May 16, from 5-7pm.  Poolside… (more)

Got Wanderlust?

 Would you choose Vermont, Colorado, California or B.C. for a summer extravaganza of music, yoga and adventure? Wanderlust brings together thousands of people from myriad backgrounds in spectacular outdoor settings, all the while cultivating a vibrant community of like-minded… (more)

Now Casting: It’s My Life, Women who dare to be different!

 How interesting is your life? In a society that often serves up mixed messages encouraging us to be bold and brave yet bombards us with social media where everyone is a critic, this television series seeks to explore what… (more)

Celebrate Bond. James Bond.

Maybe you’re a forever fan, have the boxed Blu-ray collection, or remember the first time you swooned over 007 at the movies.  Here’s an excuse to be decadent, as the James Bond Dinners continue.  On May 23rd, Part… (more)

Who hired these Pr people?

In the good ole days pr people used to think targeting information to writers was part of their job. There were no email blasts. Sometimes they might send a press release to everyone on their list, but since that took… (more)

Operation BBQ Relief’s Mobile Disaster Response Team goes to West, Texas

Operation BBQ Relief has mobilized a disaster response team to serve hot, nutritious meals to displaced families, emergency workers and volunteers in response to the explosion and resulting devastation in West, Texas. In addition to serving meals at that… (more)

Salata:Fresh Fast Food

My mother would not believe that one of my new favorite restaurants offers a choice of over a hundred vegetables and fruits that can be tossed in a salad or rolled in a wrap. Maybe it is because I have… (more)

The Amazing Race Challenges Switzerland!

Race on over to Europe where The Amazing Race competition completes one leg of its international challenge.  Using half the energy but having maybe twice the fun, join the participants as an observer, then take on your… (more)

Semana Santa Festivals: Easter Week in Spain

In Spain, Easter week is celebrated with fervor. Day and night, the streets are filled with the beat of drums, masses of flowers, and the consummate art of religious sculpture, all combining to produce an emotionally charged atmosphere. Everybody, everywhere,… (more)

Sublime Family Bonding in the Dominican Republic

The 2012 Family Travel Conferences report that family travel is increased and more influential than ever. They predict families will take more frequent, shorter vacations in 2013. With vacations and multigenerational reunions on travelers’ minds this year, Sublime Samaná Hotel… (more)

To Market in Vienna this Easter

Children of all ages will delight in the tradition and entertainment in March at Vienna’s Easter Markets. Decorations, artistically decorated eggs, culinary treats, theater and music await. The Easter Market at Schönbrunn Palace is considered one of the most romantic… (more)

Love and Vows, American Style

Ignite your own sparks with an all-American summer wedding on 100 acres in Charlottesville, Virginia this July.   With timeless sophistication and casual grace, bridal couples find the chic, classic Americana style an enduring backdrop for their big day. … (more)

Spring On and Off the Slopes in Colorado

With heavy doses of snowfall coating the state’s mountains, and more snowy months ahead, embrace the best of Colorado this spring.  Days filled with powder, sunshine, music, enticing food, festivals, races, rail jams and fireworks shows are sure to… (more)

The 24th Hokitika Wildfoods Festival

New Zealand, a country synonymous with award-winning wines and renowned lamb, has also developed a discerning palate for wild grown, authentic “bush food”.  Experience this cuisine at the Hokitika Wildfoods Festival, an iconic gourmet extravaganza showcasing novel “bush tucker”… (more)

To St Lucia for a Body Holiday!

Consider this stimulating combo: the blue Caribbean and a former Olympian as your personal trainer!   St. Lucia’s Well Fit Retreats is a mini-version of an Olympic training camp. Returning this spring, from March 18-22 and March… (more)

SUPERBOWL101:cocktails and commercials

With the Super Bowl just a few days away, it’s time to finalize your party plans! Instead of serving the traditional beer, why not toast each touchdown with a triumphant cocktail? Cruzan Rum has you covered regardless of which team… (more)

Sunshine, Sea, and Love’s Caresses in San Diego

With spectacular scenery, sun-drenched beaches, world-class restaurants and luxury resorts, San Diego calls to all lovebirds looking for a romantic getaway. This February, special Valentine’s Day offerings from San Diego hotels and resorts make it the perfect time to treat… (more)

Inhabit the Hobbit’s World

Journey back to Middle Earth in luxury while exploring the filming sites of JRR Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings saga on this 11-day luxury tour of New Zealand. Middle Earth Exclusive  With the release of the Peter… (more)

Too Many Cooks Make the Broth Better!

Give your Valentine the gustatory gift of love this year: a ‘Supper Club’ Valentine’s weekend at Hotel Matilda, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico showcases the culinary brilliance of three of Mexico’s top chefs. Hotel Matilda is setting the table… (more)

Cruise Adventure Trends & Trips: New amenities amuse and amaze

Sun, sea and sensational onboard amenities. Sounds like the makings of a memorable cruise vacation. And it is – because cruising just keeps getting better and better. Here’s what’s going to make your jaw drop in 2013: Lights, camera, action… (more)

Bucket List Adventure: Sleep like a celebrity

Bed down at one of Nick Lachey’s or Eva Longoria’s favorite haunts. Rise and shine atop the trees in an open-air suite with authentic Bali bridal bed. Soak in sybaritic abandon in a “levitating” tub or sip your martini (shaken,… (more)

In France or Online: Shopping and Bargain Hunting in Paris

Whether you remain in the comfort of your own home, or plan a visit to Paris this year, you can feel the appeal of  “the capital of shopping, fashion and glamour” through holiday shopping campaigns underway. In December, Paris… (more)

‘Tis the Season to Volunteer Abroad

The holiday season is a time for giving and gratitude. No matter what your religious beliefs or background may be, this time of year inspires reflection, growth, and generosity. For many, the holidays are also a time to take a… (more)

Eating Las Vegas: 50 Essential Restaurants and Foodie Hot Spots

Las Vegas has experienced a meteoric rise to become, arguably, the best restaurant city in the world. The names attached to the eateries on the famed Las Vegas Strip represent a veritable “Who’s Who” of the culinary universe, now home… (more)

Black Friday is now 50 shades of Gray

While Black Friday my not have been as successful as some retailers hope, the whole holiday season racked up great retail numbers. Because Black Friday is no longer one day. It starts the weekend before Thanksgiving, enticing consumers to get… (more)

Baring it for a Cause: the Santa Skivvies Run in San Francisco

  Looking for a bit of holiday cheer?  Check out San Francisco’s Castro district on December 16th at 1PM in order to catch a glimpse of scantily clad and hugely exhilarated men and women making the annual partly… (more)

Top Six Travel Trends for 2013

From Adventure Honeymoons to Epicurean Experience these are the top travel trends.    1.  Rise of the Adventure Honeymoon Forgoing the cookie-cutter honeymoon, more newlyweds than ever are celebrating their matrimony with an adrenaline-filled adventure tours. … (more)

Best Bachelorette Destinations

The countdown to the big day is on, but before the wedding vows are exchanged, one last party must take place. Here are a few destinations to help the bride- and groom-to-be say “so long” to their bachelorette and bachelorhood… (more)

A Provencal Feast

She was a heavy set woman with a short, dirty blond bob and an overbite not corrected in childhood two dozen years past.  She was wrapped in a thin blouse and a pink sweater against the damp chill of… (more)

My 53 week year

Ever dream of having an extra week to catch up on everything you planned to do “someday”. I actually had that happen to me this week. A cross country ride I was looking forward to was suddenly postponned. That… (more)

The Zone Diet

 In perfect world, everyone would have their own personal chef to prepare, healthy, tasty meals that would be instantly ready when you were hungry.

The next best thing might be Zone Delivery USA. I signed up for a three… (more)