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Theme Parks

Photo by Dave Shultz


I almost got a spare tire from the Texas State Fair Fried Food Tasting.

Ever since I moved to Texas, I have enjoyed hearing about the fried foods each year that won  awards. I remember the year of the fried oreo (which seemed wild at the time but it certainly  was tame… (more)

A Salt Mine as A Tourist Destination

In Romania there is an old salt mine in the town of Turda, that hasn’t produced since WWI, but it was recently opened up as a very interesting tourist destination. It is now a museum, a theme park, playground, even… (more)

The Thrill of California’s Theme Parks

One of the biggest draws to Southern California (besides it’s year round phenomenal weather) has been the abundance of theme parks and attractions in the region. My husband and I had not been to Southern California in many years and… (more)

Cruise Trends & Trips: New cruise ship water parks make a splash

Slides, flumes, coasters, bucket dumps: cruise ship water parks have all the bells, whistles, jets and bubblers – panoramic ocean views, too. Floating in all their water-soaked glory on the world’s waterways, these shipboard water parks are debuting some first-time… (more)

Bucket List Adventure: World of Chima and Angry Birds land in Sunshine State

How many bricks does it take to build the largest LEGOLAND park in the world? The answer will boggle the brain and stress out your calculator. Fifty six million LEGO bricks go into the rides and attractions, even trims and… (more)

Bucket List Adventure: New water coaster, shows and hologram come to Dollywood

Tennessee’s first and only water coaster splashes down with lots of fanfare – not to mention hairpin turns and daring drops. An entire season of new entertainment takes visitors around the world, from India, China and Merry Olde England and… (more)

Heading for Cedar Point? Check out Sandusky Ohio’s Other Family Attractions

Sandusky, Ohio, has long been associated with the world-famous Cedar Point with its “best collection of roller coasters on the planet,” specific children’s’ areas, live shows and beach-front resorts. Cedar Point is, of course, a seasonal amusement park: spring, summer… (more)

Going Solo – Visiting Walt Disney World Alone

When I found out I would be attending a conference in Orlando, the first thing I thought about was visiting one of my favorite vacation destinations — Walt Disney World. But alone? I had visited with friends and family over… (more)

Welcome to the Jungle!

Adventure in the Riviera Maya For several thousand years the Mayan culture thrived in the jungle region of the Yucatan Peninsula of what’s now the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. By the way, Quintana Roo is not a Tom Selleck… (more)

Five Fun Ghost Attractions For Families

If you’re looking for some spooky fun this fall that the whole family can enjoy, here are a few ideas: 1. Ghosts & Legends Theatre (Barefoot Landing at Myrtle Beach, SC). This is an incredible special effects show unlike anything… (more)