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Hug what is important to you

 Do you spend more time with your iPad or tablet than you do with your family?. So maybe you need to give those important gadgets tender loving care. Imagine a way to protect them in all kinds of… (more)

The gift that lets you say I love you five times more than ever before

A slim silver bar that does wonders for your romance. Many people think that the blue box from Tiffany’s is the ultimate expression of your love. But a true romantic would rather have love letters and hours of sweet nothings… (more)

Travel tools for your favorite road warrior—or yourself

I am just barely 5 feet. I would gladly trade extra leg for a comfortable airline pillow. Not that anyone has offered me more legroom, but Cabeau has recently come up with a modern solution to travel pillows. Travelers… (more)

Your App-y Place: The Peace App

Amidst a crowded train of iPhone and iPad users on match-3 games, running adventures, and video casino games, there may now be smart phoners and tablet aficionados tapping their way to peace. Minerva Endeavors, Inc. has launched the new Peace… (more)

The Click Clique: Internet Week NY HQ’s Opening Party

The Metropolitan Pavilion underwent a decidedly digital makeover at the Internet Week kickoff party on Monday night. Between 7:30 and 11p.m., the upscale space more befitting an art gallery than an expo hall played webhost to dozens of startups, networks,… (more)

An App for Stress

“Some of you might recall the fun poked at vacation hassles by Chevy Chase in the National Lampoon’s ‘Vacation’ movies. Some of those dark jokes have a way of becoming reality on trips gone wrong.” A master hypnotist has created… (more)