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Photo by Dave Shultz


Paname: a charming NYC Upper East Side French Bistro

A charming local French bistro. Every neighborhood should have one! This one, Paname, is at Second Avenue and 57th Street. It’s casual, inviting, with Art Nouveau on the walls. There’s a 10-foot high ceiling, wood tables with tablecloths, brown leather… (more)

Up In the Sky With Danny Meyer

When is the food at a great new restaurant not the main reason to go there? When it’s Manhatta, by restaurant magician Danny Meyer. This one is literally in the sky, 60 floors up in the Financial District. The view… (more)

Pampas beef in elegant NYC East 61st Street Chimichurri Grill East

The Argentine pampas, their “west,” was settled by English, German, Italian, and Spanish immigrants who became the gauchos, the “cowboys,” who ran the ranches, ran the cattle that made the country world famous for beef. And the Chimichurri Grill, this… (more)

James Beard House event features Thai Fusion

The James Beard House is an iconic venue of high-end food events. It is run by a foundation that nurtures and honors American chefs. The house on West 12th Street in Greenwich Village hosts culinary masters who present dinners to… (more)

Creative Cuisine: Brunch at Junction with Dona Bauer.

Creative combinations that sound crazy at first, but taste so delicious you can’t wait to try all the other odd-sounding things on the menu. Chef Josh Harmon’s knack?  Putting together inventive ingredient combinations and leaving you feeling wow’ed –… (more)

You can never be too thin or too rich or have too much Chocolate

The 2017 Dallas Chocolate Festival extravaganza, held in the heart of the Dallas Art District at the  Fashion Industry Gallery F.I.G. celebrates everything chocolate.  Guests are invited to meet artisans, watch live demonstrations of the chocolate making process,… (more)

Sunset Key’s Latitudes is a magical place for lunch in Key West

The best food in Key West is at the Latitudes restaurant on Sunset Key. There is a magical feel to this exceptional place which is on a small island you reach via a 6-minute launch ride from a pier at… (more)

Sel et Poivre is still a favorite unpretentious NY East Side French bistro

At this very popular New York East Side French bistro, game — often venison and quail — comes from Texas all through the year, but there’s an annual festival featuring game till mid-March. I went to a press dinner featuring… (more)

What do Eclectic Eaters order at The Grape?

I went to the Grape with Eclectic Eaters as part of a Burger Challenge. I had been thinking of trying their legendary burger, but when another member ordered this spectacular column of breakfast goodies, I almost switched. I stuck with… (more)

Not Just Another Pancake House

Until recently, I thought all pancake houses were pretty much the same. But then, a recent visit to the Original House of Pancakes in Irving/Las Colinas showed how badly mistaken I was. The Original House of Pancakes (founded in Portland,… (more)

“The Malt House FiDi,” where Wall Streeters go after final bell

If you thought that people disappear from Wall Street when the stock market closes, you would be wrong. Many of them repair to hangouts to relax and drink and churn over the day’s trades and scams. (Just kidding about the… (more)

Park and Palate: chefs from Dallas, Austin, Houston and San Antonio tempt you with Texas’ best tastes.

Instead of spending up to four hours traveling on a  culinary exploration of Texas, you can enjoy gourmet offerings prepared by 3 of the top chefs from each of Teas’s best culinary destinations: Dallas, Austin, Houston and San Antonio.… (more)

Flemings: There’s A New Steak In Town

Before I make it down the plush red carpet, a photographer snaps my photo and a smiling server offers me a sparkly, fluted glass of light golden bubbles. I step through the glass door and find myself in The Land… (more)

Award-winning Hutchins BBQ to showcase their “Sizzling Texas ‘Cue” to locals

I love James Beard. I have all his cookbooks, although I read them more for inspiration than use them for recipes. In general, I would rather read about and taste food than cook it. I have attended the New York… (more)

Arizona Adventures

My husband and I recently spent five days in Arizona, visiting two places that had been on both our bucket lists. Our first stop in The Grand Canyon State was too long overdue.  We were finally… (more)

New York: Philippe Chow brings sophistication to Beijing cuisine

Philippe Chow’s cuisine is delicate, subtle, an infusion of Chinese flavors into an American sensibility. One of the waiters told me, “It’s Americanized food. It’s Beijing style, but you won’t find this in Beijing.” It’s a sophisticated take on Beijing… (more)

New York: Nai Tapas features Flamenco and exciting Galicia-inspired cuisine

On some evenings, the thrill of the Nai Tapas Bar in the East Village is the performance of Flamenco dancers, led by Willa Bronce, moving twisting, shifting close to the dark walnut tables and brick walls, with the guitar sounds… (more)

Finding treasures in waters around Key West

Sunset Key is a half-hidden treasure island in plain sight of Key West, Florida. After more than a dozen trips to the famous writers and artists haven that took me so close, I “discovered” it this winter and marveled as… (more)

NY: The Malt House is a hangout with top craft beers, wine and good eats

The Malt House in Greenwich Village is a neighborhood beer and wine joint with good cuisine. On Thompson Street off Bleecker in the old South Village of touristic music venues, this brick-walled bar and restaurant is popular with New York… (more)

New York’s Taureau dishes up fondue meals as events

When I was in college a long time ago, fondue was a big thing. I still have a fondue pot stuck away in a back space that I haven’t used for years. But I just discovered that this is a… (more)

New York: Byblos, where Lebanese mezze are a feast

The mezze at Byblos, Manhattan’s only Lebanese restaurant, was a feast. One after another, exotically conceived appetizers were deposited in front of us, so that we hardly knew where to look first. They disappeared within moments, too quickly for me… (more)

La Sirène in NYC presents classic French cuisine by a modern chef

La Sirène, on Broome Street where the West Village meets Soho, has the best food for a deceptively unpretentious but sweet intimate space I have ever seen. On a press visit where everyone got to choose their own appetizers,… (more)

A Week of Fine Dining and Weight Loss in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

It is true, and hard to believe. For almost a week I dined on irresistible food in Puerto Vallarta, certainly one of the greatest spots on the continent for excellent and varied cuisine, and came home 4 pounds lighter. Couldn’t… (more)

Balzem: an elegant NYC wine bar bistro with tapas & mezzes

With its brick walls, tall racks of wine, high beamed ceiling, huge round wagon-wheel chandelier, vintage mirrors, dark wood tables and a gorgeous metal clock works, Balzem is an elegant Nolita (north of Little Italy) hideaway. The restaurant seats 58… (more)

NYC’s Ponty Bistro: traditional African, French food and fusions

It’s well known that cooks working at high-end restaurants often want to open their own. A French-African restaurant in Gramercy Park came out of that desire. Ponty Bistro is run by two cousins from Senegal who named it after a… (more)

Le Village, vegetarian plus, brings classic French cooking to East Village

I know several couples where one of the two is a vegetarian and the other is not. So either they go to an interesting vegetarian restaurant or the plant eater is reduced to the vegetable plate. Or… (more)

High-end food, lounge, music, at NYC midtown Ivy Bar & Grill

Right in the middle of midtown Manhattan, where you’d expect to find only expense account restaurants or coffee shops, there is the Ivy Bar & Grill, a smooth, comfortable ersatz Irish bar & grill (the owners are Irish, Tom Murphy,… (more)

Crazy for Coconuts

While most of the country was worrying and blizzards and snow days and snow banks on the road, I sat on the outdoor patio of a new Dallas restaurant. Coconuts Fish Cafe is a fresh restaurant concept from Maui. Trip… (more)

NYC’s “Villagio” — elegant classical Italian cuisine

It was as much an experience of environment as of food. We entered Villagio on the Park from Central Park South under a Burgundy-red awning past half a dozen outside tables.Inside, we sat next to floor-to-ceiling windows facing the… (more)

Why two Abuelos virgins fell in love with the restaurant

In honor the 25th anniversary of Abuelos, the restaurant invited a group of food journalists.  Neither my friend  nor I had ever been there. But in an evening that included tastings of 25 dishes,  we vowed to… (more)

Delicious Mediterranean fare at Spiegel NYC café

What kind of food should a restaurant named after a movie producer have? Shmulik Avital opened Spiegel in May 2014 and named it after moviemaker Sam Spiegel who made Lawrence of Arabia (1962), The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957)… (more)

Da Marcella: a casual Greenwich Village taverna with delicious cuisine

Da Marcella at Houston and MacDougal Streets in Greenwich Village is meant to conjure up a 19th-century style Italian taverna, the kind that families using their own recipes still run in small Italian villages. Owner Manuel Moreno named it after… (more)

Barack and Me: The President Recommends a Restaurant in New York

As soon as I read in The New York Times that Barack Obama had eaten dinner with Michelle at a restaurant nearby I knew I had to try it. The President frequently comes to Manhattan, and a few times I’ve… (more)

Angus Club Steakhouse opens a club door to top tier steaks

The Angus Club Steakhouse has settled into its East 55th Street New York City neighborhood with a feeling of contemporary luxury that matches its steaks. The upstairs dining room is lush with dark brown leather seats, wagon wheel chandeliers, walls… (more)

Sel et Poivre is an unexpected bit of France in New York, and it charms

A friend and I were walking on Lexington Avenue a few years ago and looking for a place for dinner. It wasn’t our neighborhood. But we saw an alluring spot and went in. It was Sel et Poivre (salt &… (more)

El Maguey y la Tuna has memorable Mexican cocktails

El Maguey y la Tuna is named after the Tequila/Mezcal and Prickly Pear plants. (Nothing to do with fish). And that gives you a hint that the best cocktails to be found in this New York City restaurant are the… (more)

Melba’s is a mecca for food, mood, and music in Harlem

      I have been a little slow to discover the newest culinary scene in New York. Luckily, my friends Liz and Marc have moved into the epicenter of all things delicious in New York. They are like an… (more)

Masq: New Orleans spicy with terrific wine pairings

“Masq” is an experience beyond its signature New Orleans cuisine. But isn’t that what New York restaurants are supposed to be these days! The name comes from the masquerade of Mardi Gras. Masked figures decorate the walls, including Mona Lisa,… (more)

Giano for special Italian dishes and wines on New York’s East 7th Street

Giano is the two-faced Roman god Janus, who looks to the future and to the past. Judging by the food and the ambiance, this East 7th Street restaurant, which was started only in January 2008, has a lot of years… (more)

The MasalaWala brings New Yorkers a taste of Indian street food

The MasalaWala sits on Essex Street, just south of Houston on the Lower East Side, a neighborhood where new restaurants, cafés and shops seem to be opening every week or so. This restaurant, started in November 2011, aims to replicate… (more)

Medieval-modern Alsace, an aesthetic and culinary feast, and the pièce de résistance is Strasbourg

An ancient center of modern Europe—how’s that for contradictions? I’ve always thought of Strasbourg as a political town, the headquarters of the European Parliament. But on my first visit there, I was stunned and delighted to find it charming, quaint,… (more)

Casual dining in Berlin’s Das Stue with cuisine by Michelin-starred chef

Once the Danish Embassy, the 1930s gray stone building of classic design has impressive columns and a high balcony. It is situated at the southern edge of the Tiergarten and has views of Berlin’s famous park and of its Zoo.… (more)

The Best of Pairings? Food and Wine (or Beer), of Course

The new Trinity Groves development at the foot of the landmark Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in Dallas, Texas, will be the site of a tasting event that is sure to amaze all who attend. Called “Pairings”, the event is being… (more)

Incognito: a charming bistro hidden away on New York’s West 18th Street

Incognito Bistro in New York City’s Flatiron District is a Roman bistro with, its owners say, a Scottish flair. Adriana Moretti and her husband Paolo Montana were born in Glasgow, with Scottish mothers and Italian fathers. He is executive chief… (more)

Wichita and Omaha are Excellent Foodie Destinations

Fastidious foodies already know New York City, New Orleans and San Francisco are food meccas. But thanks to the Food Network, Travel Channel and websites such as, smaller cities, including Wichita and Omaha, are getting their fair… (more)

Vegetarian Options Near the L.A. Convention Center

Picture this: You find yourself at the enormous L.A. Convention Center. You don’t know your way around the city. You’re hungry. And a vegetarian. What do you do?  It’s true the convention center is not the most veg-friendly area… (more)

Red, White and Blue on the Menu

Is it true that JFK’s famed words “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”  were uttered at the morning rehearsal for his inaugural speech while dining… (more)

The Place Vendôme in Paris; an Intriguing Past and Present

A curious silence covers the Place Vendôme, offering the feeling that this 17th-century architectural gem has defeated the noise and traffic of modern Paris. Yes, cars and pedestrians move through the cobble-stones, but they seem hardly noticed by the statue… (more)

Muy Rico at Mercado

The modest facade doesn’t prepare you for the wonders of Mercado. We started with the cream of lobster, Tuesday’s soup of the day.  Not what you would expect from an upscale Mexican restaurant. Chef Jose Acevedo  was raised… (more)

Celebrate Bond. James Bond.

Maybe you’re a forever fan, have the boxed Blu-ray collection, or remember the first time you swooned over 007 at the movies.  Here’s an excuse to be decadent, as the James Bond Dinners continue.  On May 23rd, Part… (more)

Benissimo! A Foodie Tour at the Venetian

Not for the craps, the pool parties, night life, or an extreme bachelor / bachelorette bash. Not for the tall plastic slushy drinks, street acts, peep shows or the wedding chapel.  We went to Vegas for the food. It… (more)

Spotlight on Local and Fresh on Amelia Island

Every year, Executive Chef Thomas Tolxdorf leads a group of chefs to visit farmers, growers and seafood purveyors for a better understanding of their capabilities and how they work. “Our goal is to partner and support our growers so we… (more)

The LatAm food style in South Florida

Sometimes Miami is called the capital of Latin America. It’s where Latin Americans with money buy condos and go shopping and where Latin Americans without money come seeking work. So it’s not surprising that the area is a LatAm culinary… (more)

Table Verte, when you’re in the East Village and think you’re in Paris

If you believe that vegetarians are the step-children of good restaurant eating, disabuse yourself of that old notion. For proof, just visit “Table Verte” — it’s French for green table — a small bistro on East 7th Street just west… (more)

High Drama in Key West

In New York I write about theater and am a member of the Drama Desk, the organization of critics and writers who vote on annual awards for best shows and artists. So it was a very pleasant surprise that on… (more)

Oficina Latina a trendy Latin American restaurant in Nolita

Oficina Latina on Prince Street is one of the new restaurants that is brightening up the New York neighborhood now called Nolita, meaning north of Little Italy. Or what’s left of it. Poor Little Italy has been squeezed by… (more)

Super Bowl Calorie Costs—in “Exercise Equivalent​s”

The “Big Game” has become much more than a football game: It’s the second biggest day for food consumption in the United States after Thanksgiving. So, to choose the most splurgeworthy foods, here are the exercise equivalents* for some of… (more)

Too Many Cooks Make the Broth Better!

Give your Valentine the gustatory gift of love this year: a ‘Supper Club’ Valentine’s weekend at Hotel Matilda, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico showcases the culinary brilliance of three of Mexico’s top chefs. Hotel Matilda is setting the table… (more)

Thalassa brings high-end Greek fish dishes to New York’s Tribeca

 As you walk into the Thalassa dining room, you pass a large and colorful display of fresh fish and seafood perched on a bed of ice, some fish poking out of the sparkly white crystals and red langoustines crowding… (more)

Jeanne and Gaston brings excellent Burgundy cuisine to the West Village

Next time you climb down from the southern end of the fanciful park called the High Line in New York, keep walking on 14th Street. A few blocks down you will come across another fanciful landmark with a wall-sized painting… (more)

Eating Las Vegas: 50 Essential Restaurants and Foodie Hot Spots

Las Vegas has experienced a meteoric rise to become, arguably, the best restaurant city in the world. The names attached to the eateries on the famed Las Vegas Strip represent a veritable “Who’s Who” of the culinary universe, now home… (more)

A culinary adventure along Alabama’s Gulf Shore

The gulf coast of Alabama is a foodie’s dream come true. After exploring the sites of Mobile, Gulf Shores and Orange beach head to one of these great restaurants. Each one is unique and feature music on a regular basis.… (more)

A Future in Pork Belly

Small bites were a hit at the InterContinental Hotel in Century City, Los Angeles on November 15.  Guest chef de cuisine Daniel Corey from Luce, at sister property the InterContinental San Francisco, mixed up some of his favorite flavors… (more)

De Santos: New American Cuisine in (former) Greenwich Village speakeasy

Almost hidden away in a former speakeasy on a quiet street in the West Village is a charming New American bistro whose flavors and ambiance delight. Dinner and week-end brunch attract a knowledgeable crowd to the 100-year-old red brick brownstone… (more)

Celebrated chef Eric De Maeyer adds gourmet options in Cancun

      Live Aqua Cancun All-Inclusive Resort, renowned for its unique focus on the engagement of all five senses, is unveiling a vibrant variety of new dining options designed to invigorate the palate and awaken the senses. … (more)

Restaurants Increasingly enter the Food Porn Ring

You may not know what it’s called, but there’s no doubt that you have been exposed to it. You have probably even felt a little hungry after seeing it. You may have licked your lips and headed off to the… (more)

Sushi Goes Global

Assorted Sushi Japan is the first country that comes to mind when one hears the word ‘sushi’– a gastronomic specialty that has surged in popularity over the last two decade.  Sushi has developed to be a vogue cuisine for… (more)