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The Book of Mormon

How much you enjoy a performance or an event is often influenced by who you go with. It is always more fun to go to a circus or zoo when you are with a child. Your companion sometimes helps you… (more)

Gospel of John, Photographed: Gritty and Spiritual Armchair Travel to Israel

During the 2008 recession, photographer David Kevin Weaver drew strength from the Gospel of John. This gospel begins with John the Baptist predicting Jesus’ arrival, then goes on to detail Jesus’ public ministry and his very public death and resurrection.… (more)

Medieval-modern Alsace, an aesthetic and culinary feast, and the pièce de résistance is Strasbourg

An ancient center of modern Europe—how’s that for contradictions? I’ve always thought of Strasbourg as a political town, the headquarters of the European Parliament. But on my first visit there, I was stunned and delighted to find it charming, quaint,… (more)

Paris Museum of French Jews’ political & cultural life from Middle Ages to 20th century

A gorgeous 17th-century mansion in the Marais district of Paris is a museum of French Jewish political and cultural life through many epochs, from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance to the 20th century. The grand home was built… (more)

If junk food is your religion this is an artist for you

With his pictorial interpretations of mass-produced cakes, cookies, snack foods and candy that have become icons of global culture, the Mexican painter Juan Carlos del Valle provokes an encounter between the sacred and the profane. Temptation is made… (more)

The Book of Mormon

My mother always said sex and religion are not things you talk about except with family. If the producers of The Book of Morman had been told that, we never would have had the delightful play that  … (more)

All of medieval Avignon is a stage

When I went to Avignon for the theater festival in July, I discovered that the entire city is a stage. The population swells with patrons and performers of the more than 1000 shows that are put on, and when they… (more)

See the links between religious cultures inToledo’s medieval past

To see medieval Spain, visit Toledo. It was the political capital until the 16th century, the center of Spanish history before Madrid. One can still see the city gates set in stone walls. But it is also a religious city,… (more)

Madrid’s excitement is its mix of history and modernism

The excitement and drama of Madrid is that you can feel that you are in both the past and the present. History — centuries past and the last one — is told in the art and architecture of Spain’s stunning… (more)

21st-Century Jewish Life in Berlin and Krakow

Jewish culture in Central Europe is in the midst of a dazzling renaissance stimulated by the fall of communism and the enlargement of the European Union. Nowhere is that more evident than in Berlin, the heart of Germany, and Krakow,… (more)