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You Gotta’ Love The Novotel at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport

The trip between the United States and SE Asia is long no matter how the flights are booked and the best airfares are usually ones that begin and end in Bangkok. We spend a fair amount of time in SE… (more)

A surprise night of cocktail creations

My wife Stephanie and I attended a reception presented by Ski Vermont in New York City recently. We were pleasantly surprised to see that Ski Vermont had arranged for a cocktail contest conducted by three mixologists from some of the… (more)

I can make anything simple very complicated

I have been moving all week and decided my one R&R activity would be to go to a gourmet group called “Life at the Table”  For each meeting, the leader suggests a theme or culture for the pot luck.… (more)

Waldorf Salad and 1000 Island Dressing with an Shanghai flair

I have always felt a personal connection with the Waldorf Astoria even though it been years since I have stayed at the one in NYC. My husband, John, and I live near the 1000 Islands where, George Boldt, the owner… (more)

Edible Philosophy

Who doesn’t like good food and good conversation? But do you prefer that your conversations resemble low-cal appetizers; tossed salads with nutritious ideas for the body and soul; equally proportioned main courses; or after dinner desserts to mull over like… (more)

My instant Indian Vegetarian Dinner

As a new vegetarian, I am trying all kinds of ethnic foods. I love Indian food, but it is often too spicy for me. So I have started adding things to balance the spices. Eggplant is one of my favorite… (more)

Put a Little French in Your Friday Nights

Have you ever wanted to travel to Europe? Do you wish you were in France right now eating a crepe or drinking some delicious French champagne? If you enjoy almost there adventures and a real hands… (more)

Spirits of the Season 2012

Everyone is in the best of spirits during the holidays. Whether you serve it at parties, give it for gifts, or even drink it yourself, here are a few of my favorites: NEW CHOCOLATE LIQUEUR TEMPTS YOU TO “DRINK WHAT… (more)

A Future in Pork Belly

Small bites were a hit at the InterContinental Hotel in Century City, Los Angeles on November 15.  Guest chef de cuisine Daniel Corey from Luce, at sister property the InterContinental San Francisco, mixed up some of his favorite flavors… (more)

In addition to Pumpkin Pie

Seeking holiday desserts in the pumpkin family for the holiday season?  From Spice Islands are these recommendations beyond (or in addition to) traditional pumpkin pie. These delicious desserts could become a new tradition in your family. Pumpkin… (more)

Limoncello your way

The first time we went to Italy, we asked for limoncello.  It was December.  In  Milan.  Ridiculous turistas, the waiter guffawed….  We broke the rules:  no cappuccino after 11:00 am; no limoncello in the… (more)

Mexico’s ‘Julia Child’

Lessons from the Markets to Best Selling Cookbook and more…  At the MexicoFest 2009 organized by the Mexican Consulate, Vancouver — internationally renowned Mexican Celebrity Chef Susanna Palazuelos partnered with Damien Callaghan Executive Chef of Marriott Pinnacle Hotel to… (more)