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Pedicure by fish in Cambodia

I’m not into facials or manicures and I’ve been known to cut my own hair (and regret it). I like to think I’m pretty low maintenance overall. But I am a curious creature, too curious to ignore the lure of… (more)

Port Townsend, Washington packs a lot of touristic punch

Most Puget Sound marina ports can boast of one or two attraction.But historic Port Townsend, lying along the sheltered south face of the Quimper Peninsula, has a surprising swag of absorbing tourist activities to brag about. Plus, Port Townsend is… (more)

To Market in Vienna this Easter

Children of all ages will delight in the tradition and entertainment in March at Vienna’s Easter Markets. Decorations, artistically decorated eggs, culinary treats, theater and music await. The Easter Market at Schönbrunn Palace is considered one of the most romantic… (more)