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Luxury Hotels


Nevis Hotels: A Natural Retreat

The island of Nevis is not for everybody, nor is it meant to be. However, if you are looking for a place to get as far away from the everyday as possible, and are looking for a tropical local, centered… (more)

You Gotta’ Love The Novotel at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport

The trip between the United States and SE Asia is long no matter how the flights are booked and the best airfares are usually ones that begin and end in Bangkok. We spend a fair amount of time in SE… (more)

No ghosts at Terlingua Chili Cook-off

For years I had heard tales about the wild, “return to the old West” adventures enjoyed by friends (mostly men) attending the annual Terlingua chili cook-off.  Held in the legendary Terlingua Ghost Town in remote southwest Texas, the annual… (more)

Hôtel de Buci in Paris is a visit back to 18th century

Arriving late, I walked into my room at the Hôtel de Buci in the 6th arrondissement, the charming left bank of Paris, and felt like I had entered into a past century, as in the Woody Allen film, “Midnight in… (more)

Paris: Edouard 7 Hotel where former Prince of Wales was a bon vivant

Want to stay at a former residence of a Prince of Wales who would become British King Edward VII? Edward, the son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, was a bon vivant as prince and a lover of Paris.… (more)

Paris: Hôtel de Nell for 5-star boutique intimacy, charm, elegance in the 9th

How do you stay in a real Paris neighborhood, with elegant surroundings, convenient to the center, without navigating waves of tourists? How do you get a feel of subtle luxury without Louis XIV bling? And a sense of intimacy combined… (more)

A Week of Fine Dining and Weight Loss in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

It is true, and hard to believe. For almost a week I dined on irresistible food in Puerto Vallarta, certainly one of the greatest spots on the continent for excellent and varied cuisine, and came home 4 pounds lighter. Couldn’t… (more)

The Mommymoon:why Ritz-Carlton is a perfect sanctuary for expecting mothers

Babymoon… According to “What to Expect,” the go-to parenting manual of many Americans, a Babymoon is a time for expecting parents to “catch your breath and do some serious couple bonding before your bundle arrives.” To me, this sounds like… (more)

The Waldorf Beijing has a Forbidden City and Forbidden Cocktails

One of the newest luxury hotels in Beijing is the Waldorf. Who would have thought that the Waldorf Astoria, that iconic New York City hotel, would go global. The Beijing hotel is the second Waldorf Hotel to open in China.… (more)

Discovering Long Branch on the Jersey Shore, a hidden jewel near NYC

It’s part of the Jersey Shore. Gorgeous beach, excellent restaurants, music spilling into the streets. A great discovery so close to home. How could I have spent my life in New York City and never visited Long Branch, New Jersey?… (more)

Exotic Panama is a ‘go to’ place for savvy travelers

Exotic and modern at the same time, Panama in Central America has become a “go to” destination for savvy travelers and will become even more so in the future. Here is why. It’s a place of high-rises and yacht harbors… (more)

Chapman and the Los Cabos Culinary Scene

At age 20, most adolescents would be just getting into the workforce, but not for Canadian Chef, Tadd Chapman. Armed with a fiery entrepreneurial spirit, a culinary education and some restaurant experience, Chapman boldly ventured into the resort city of… (more)

Amsterdam a gorgeous city of canals, charming Old Town and great art

The defining trait of Amsterdam is its 60 miles of canals, gorgeous narrow waterways that meander through the city, connected to the Amstel River and lined with parked boats, some of them houseboats, edged by trees leaning out to the… (more)

Marseille: glorious ancient port, fishing center, world-class hotel and historic memories

The Vallon des Auffes is a small fishing port on the on the south-eastern corniche of Marseille. The name comes from the artisans who worked with auffe (a word in the Occitan language) to make ropes, baskets and other wickerwork.… (more)

Cannes is a gorgeous treat for visitors since mid-1800s

Walking along the Cannes beach in the afternoon, we had a clue about something special going to happen. Out in the sea, from large block structures in the Bay of Cannes, came strains of pop music. “Stand by me!” It… (more)

If You Have A Penchant for Picnics

Do you know July is National Picnic Month?  Not that we’d ever need a reason to pursue this age-old delight. Although many look to their local parks for a classic lunch-on-the-green, five inviting picnic spots may draw you… (more)

The Place Vendôme in Paris; an Intriguing Past and Present

A curious silence covers the Place Vendôme, offering the feeling that this 17th-century architectural gem has defeated the noise and traffic of modern Paris. Yes, cars and pedestrians move through the cobble-stones, but they seem hardly noticed by the statue… (more)

Dining at the Hilton in Colombo, Sri Lanka

The small island country of Sri Lanka is the new “gotta-go-to” destination. It is ranked Number One on Lonely Planet’s Places to visit in 2013. The country has a plethora of beaches, beautiful scenery, amazing wildlife and friendly people… (more)

Find the spirit of 19th century literature and early 20th century art in Paris hotels

Hotels are no longer just places to sleep and shower. They are now environments for experience. The most modern attempt to evoke the literary, artistic or historical pasts. Consider, for literature, the left bank Bel Ami and, for art, the… (more)

Magical Pisa charms the most jaded travelers

Pisa is magical even to a blasé traveler. The shining, sparking white marble exteriors (they must be scrubbed to flash so white) are like jewels on the green lawns. It’s not just the Leaning Tower that entrances, but a cathedral,… (more)

Enchanting Istria: sea, boats, cafés and antiquities – even Roman ruins

We were sitting at Sidro, a sidewalk café in the Rovinj harbor sipping wine and looking at the people strolling on the wide esplanade lined with pastel-colored houses. In one direction we gazed at a jumble of sailing and… (more)

In Venice there’s elegance at the Bauer and boutique 18th-century Il Palazzo

We were having breakfast on the “Bar Canale” terrace of the Bauer Hotel. Across the Grand Canal was the 17th century Church of Santa Maria della Salute. I could imagine the lazy mornings of the Venice nobles who once owned… (more)

Spain’s Costa Brava is a fabulous place for art, medieval architecture, beaches and cuisine.

Stunning art, medieval towns, beaches, elegant food — the Costa Brava (it means the “wild coast”) in Catalonia in the northeast of Spain is well-known by Europeans but not as much by Americans. It should be. Just a few days… (more)

In Step with Tribal Traditions

From a luxurious lodge in the African wilderness, embrace magical safaris, thrilling surroundings and gourmet cuisine.  Now choose to explore the folklore and traditions of the local tribe from where the majority of the reserve’s employees hail.  In… (more)

Modern luxury, past centuries’ charm and stunning antiquity on Italy’s Amalfi Peninsula

One day I walked out on the stone entrance terrace of Capo La Gala, a boutique hotel on the Amalfi Peninsula overlooking the Bay of Naples. I noticed a couple of policeman standing there, chatting. They were, I discovered, guards… (more)

David’s 500th Birthday Celebration in Florence

I had a ball at David’s 500th birthday party. I’m talking about Michelangelo’s David. Well, it was not exactly a party, rather an exhibit at the Academy Gallery (Galleria dell’Accademia) in Florence. It was riotous. Hmm? Isn’t David just a… (more)

Everyone was Naked except me

I arrived at the Turm Romantik Spa a day early, because of an impending train strike in Italy. Knowing I would be stressed from the journey, my hosts thoughtfully arranged a spa treatment. First I was led to a dark… (more)

Voyage by Pascale organizes high-end visits to St. Bart’s

St. Bart’s in the Caribbean was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493, but till recent decades not too many travelers went there. Not because it wasn’t an extraordinary place with unspoiled beaches and delectable French cuisine. But because transport was… (more)

Summertime Culinary Extravanganza in Northern British Columbia

Outdoor adventurists may be lured far and wide with the promise of some of the finest fishing on the planet.  It’s simply a bonus that a club situated in the remote Haida Gwaii in Northern B.C.  is also… (more)

Love and Vows, American Style

Ignite your own sparks with an all-American summer wedding on 100 acres in Charlottesville, Virginia this July.   With timeless sophistication and casual grace, bridal couples find the chic, classic Americana style an enduring backdrop for their big day. … (more)

Self-Catering Luxury in the U.K.

How to choose?  A  beach cottage with surfing option, parkside idyll, or private island? Vows in a rustic woodland or on a coastal perch above golden sand?  This beguiling property, set on its own private island,… (more)

Bucket List Adventure: ‘Indulge me’ packages from Maryland to Middle-earth

Channel your inner hobbit and slip into a hobbit-hole where you can read “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy to your heart’s content. Feel the world melt away as your muscles turn to jelly beneath a blanket of hot stones… (more)

New year, new spa treatments

Ah. A new year, a fresh outlook. It’s the perfect time to try something novel – especially something inherently, deliciously renewing. Here are some new spa treatments designed to reinvigorate both body and soul. Reconnect with your inner harmony At… (more)

Lap of Luxury in India

The retreat is nestled in the serene and unspoiled landscape of the Sahyadri mountain range in the Western Ghats. Located approximately a 2.5-hour drive (100km) and 30-minute helicopter ride from Mumbai and 1.5-hour drive (80km) from Pune, the property encompasses… (more)

Lavish Her With Valentine Riches

Celebrate love and take aim for her higher heart with the lavish “52 Love Salute” package designed to honor Cupid’s divine inspirations, especially the ones that get hearts beating fast. Feel the love of Cupid’s arrow 52 times. The package… (more)

Sunshine, Sea, and Love’s Caresses in San Diego

With spectacular scenery, sun-drenched beaches, world-class restaurants and luxury resorts, San Diego calls to all lovebirds looking for a romantic getaway. This February, special Valentine’s Day offerings from San Diego hotels and resorts make it the perfect time to treat… (more)

Inhabit the Hobbit’s World

Journey back to Middle Earth in luxury while exploring the filming sites of JRR Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings saga on this 11-day luxury tour of New Zealand. Middle Earth Exclusive  With the release of the Peter… (more)

True Love Meets New Love: London

Come the New Year and lovers thoughts turn to flights of fancy.  Welcome, Valentine’s Day! This February new lovers and old lovers will have the opportunity to “fall in love with London” through an array of signature events and… (more)

Voluptuous Valentine Adventures

This Valentine’s Day toss the store-bought candy and sappy greeting cards. Immerse yourself in a spa splurge, instead! From the Atlantic City marina to the mountains of Camelback, the island of Aruba to the hot springs of southern California, sumptuous… (more)

Is there More Romance in a Historic Hotel?

Make your own history while retracing noteworthy steps and inspiring love stories in a historical setting around the nation this winter. Certain prestigious properties which have maintained authenticity, sense of place, and architectural integrity in the United States, including… (more)

Bucket List Adventure: Sleep like a celebrity

Bed down at one of Nick Lachey’s or Eva Longoria’s favorite haunts. Rise and shine atop the trees in an open-air suite with authentic Bali bridal bed. Soak in sybaritic abandon in a “levitating” tub or sip your martini (shaken,… (more)

In France or Online: Shopping and Bargain Hunting in Paris

Whether you remain in the comfort of your own home, or plan a visit to Paris this year, you can feel the appeal of  “the capital of shopping, fashion and glamour” through holiday shopping campaigns underway. In December, Paris… (more)

A Future in Pork Belly

Small bites were a hit at the InterContinental Hotel in Century City, Los Angeles on November 15.  Guest chef de cuisine Daniel Corey from Luce, at sister property the InterContinental San Francisco, mixed up some of his favorite flavors… (more)

Bucket List Adventure: Shrek those halls!

Breaking bread with an ogre or sluicing down a 20-foot chute of solid ice may not be on your holiday bucket list – but you can bet it’s on your kids’ and grandkids’ wish list, along with the chance to… (more)

Celebrated chef Eric De Maeyer adds gourmet options in Cancun

      Live Aqua Cancun All-Inclusive Resort, renowned for its unique focus on the engagement of all five senses, is unveiling a vibrant variety of new dining options designed to invigorate the palate and awaken the senses. … (more)

Fine Fiddling at Jump into Ireland Event in L.A.

It may not astonish you to hear that the Guinness Factory Warehouse is the #1 visitor attraction in Ireland, but have you heard about Cruise Ireland? Jump into Ireland at the Beverly Hilton, Los Angeles on October 24th treated… (more)

Feeling Maui: Eighty Minutes at a Time

Manual application of oils or lotions to the skin to stimulate circulation and promote well-being are rudimentary basics of a spa treatment.  Enhancement with indigenous products and techniques, rooted in a region’s culture, people, and unique geography adds a… (more)

21c Museum Hotel: What’s In and Into the Future

It’s easy to find 21c Museum Hotel — just look up. 21c’s famous Red Penguins line the building’s façade, welcoming guests to this unusual place where 21st century contemporary art is king and a visit here becomes an adventure. Walking… (more)

Fairmont Dallas supports the arts: meet Mikki Mallow an Artist in Residence

I lIve in a loft community of about 800 people and more than half of them are artists, writers, photographers, musicians,  dancers, performers  and other right brained people. I like to think of South Side on Lamar as… (more)

A Romantic Step Back in Time

Back in the 1970’s, my husband and I were high school sweethearts–bound together by heavy hearts and raging hormones. For two years we were never apart –dating, doting and devoted, from skiing the slopes of Grouse Mountain to strolling the… (more)