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Ancient Vines, Wines and Times in Portugal

It felt incredibly indulgent: hopping from my cozy bed just long enough to toss the curtains open, then plunging back into the covers so I could sip coffee while watching the dramatic landscape of Portugal’s Douro Valley ease by the… (more)

Far View in Mesa Verde National Park

Visit Mesa Verde National Park for a far view into history, as well into the landscape of the Four Corners area.  You will be amazed by the number ruins and cliff dwellings in the park, both on the… (more)

A Trip to Lowell Observatory and the Lunar Eclipse

Since our girls had a few days off for a fall break, we visited Northern Arizona and stopped at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff. It wasn’t the first time we have been there, but it’s been many years since the… (more)

Seeking Silence, Solitude and Penitence in the City of Brotherly Love

  Silence. Solitude. Penitence. No, we weren’t visiting a monastery when my husband and I traveled to Philadelphia recently. Actually these words reflect the philosophy of one of the most significant correctional institutions in history – Eastern State Penitentiary, which… (more)

Port Townsend, Washington packs a lot of touristic punch

Most Puget Sound marina ports can boast of one or two attraction.But historic Port Townsend, lying along the sheltered south face of the Quimper Peninsula, has a surprising swag of absorbing tourist activities to brag about. Plus, Port Townsend is… (more)

An Interview with Ashley Blaylock, Founder of ChicaBrava Surf Camp

When Houston native Ashley Blaylock moved to Nicaragua in 2003, she was an anomaly: a surfing girl. Local surfers watched in amazement as she zoomed by on the waves, then grudgingly gave her respect and admiration. “Ay, chica brava!” they’d… (more)

Awaken and Center Yourself in NY

Awaken and center yourself via a yoga retreat, pursuit of learning paths or trekking a mountain trail in New York. Across the state, centers for yoga and relaxation are designed to tone, calm, and renew your spirit. At… (more)

Changing Lives Forever: Hosting a Foreign Exchange Student

I’ll never forget that Saturday morning seven years ago when our lives changed forever.  I was sleeping in – a rare treat – when the phone rang. My husband answered, and shortly afterwards he wandered into the bedroom with a curious look on his face.  “A lady who got our name from some friends wants to know if we’d like to host a German exchange student this year.” (more)

Soulfully Recharge in Africa, Costa Rica and Mexico

Do you dream of a sensational  remedy for the mega-amplified, daily stress of life and work?  Inhale deeply and recharge those overused internal batteries with luxury private guided travel to Latin America and Africa for individuals or… (more)

Bucket List Adventure: A ‘brave’ adventure with Disney

Ancient castle ruins rock. Mom and Dad may relish family time unplugged from workaday electronics, and grandparents admire the beauty of a rolling green landscape given over to rugged coastlines and pristine lochs, Highland ponies and paint-splotched sheep. But the… (more)

In Step with Tribal Traditions

From a luxurious lodge in the African wilderness, embrace magical safaris, thrilling surroundings and gourmet cuisine.  Now choose to explore the folklore and traditions of the local tribe from where the majority of the reserve’s employees hail.  In… (more)

Hot Time in a Cool Country

Have you ever thought about traveling to Iceland but felt perhaps the climate was too cold for your warm heart? You’re not the only one. That said, allow your curiosity to serve as the heat that stokes the adventure… (more)

Sublime Family Bonding in the Dominican Republic

The 2012 Family Travel Conferences report that family travel is increased and more influential than ever. They predict families will take more frequent, shorter vacations in 2013. With vacations and multigenerational reunions on travelers’ minds this year, Sublime Samaná Hotel… (more)

Nature at 25 MPH

  Go higher, faster and zip over water in Pine Mountain, Georgia, sixty minutes southwest of Atlanta and thirty minutes north of Columbus.   Effective March 1st, , there are now two challenging approaches to get your adrenaline pumping.… (more)

Artisan Bread and Serenity, Now

Whether you go for the meditation, yoga, hot springs, the artisan bread, acclaimed vegetarian cuisine, or celebrity retreat leaders, you will find it in Big Sur. This remote and oldest Zen Monastery in the U.S., twenty-five miles southeast of San… (more)

Aspiring CSIs Invited to an Afternoon of Modern-Day Crime

Aspiring CSIs Invited to an Afternoon of Modern-Day Crime Solving at The Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas. CSI Family Day set for Sunday, March 10, 2013 Have you ever wanted to examine a crime scene, gather and study evidence… (more)

‘Tis the Season to Volunteer Abroad

The holiday season is a time for giving and gratitude. No matter what your religious beliefs or background may be, this time of year inspires reflection, growth, and generosity. For many, the holidays are also a time to take a… (more)

Follow the Red Brick Road to Freedom with Boston’s Freedom Trail

Boston, nicknamed beantown because of the infamous baked bean and maple syrup recipe originally passed down from the pilgrims, is one of the oldest and most historical cities in the US. Where else can you see the oldest continuous restaurant… (more)